Sylvia was visiting Marianne at home for an afternoon cup of tea and a girlie chat. The two had been friends since going to work for the same company a year ago.

The two girls were in their twenties Marianne was 25, Sylvia a little older at 27. Sylvia was still single with no steady boyfriend at the moment. Marianne had been married to Chris for 5 years and they lived in their first home, which they were buying on mortgage. Chris worked in the accounts department of a local home improvements company.

Marianne told her friend that it was a bit of a struggle keeping up with the bills. She had to do a part time job in the evenings, to help make ends meet but it was a far from ideal situation, as she had to leave the house for work as soon as Chris got home from work.

Apart from weekends the most time they spent together was in bed, and then they were too tired to even make love!

Sylvia told Marianne that she now only worked part time for the finance house where they had both met, as she had another part time job with irregular hours that paid very well!

Marianne asked what Sylvia’s other job was and Sylvia said, “if I tell you please don’t tell anyone else, and I hope that it won’t spoil our friendship.” Marianne said, “of course she wouldn’t tell anyone, and why could it possibly affect their friendship?”

“OK,” said Sylvia. “I work for an organisation that provides photographs for pornographic magazines and produces short pornographic movies!”

“Oh, Ok,” said Marianne, “what do you do for them?”

Sylvia looked her in the eyes and said, “I model for the photos, and act in the movies!”

“What, you mean, you pose and appear nude?” Said Marianne.

“I have sex while being photographed and filmed,” was the reply!

“And you get paid for doing that?” asked Marianne.

“Oh yes, I get very well paid. Some weeks I have earned £500 tax free, which is very good pay for 1970! But most weeks £200-£300 week. Of course, some weeks I don’t work at all, period times for example!”

“Wow,” said Marianne, “but isn’t it dangerous, health wise I mean?”

“Not really,” Sylvia replied. “We all get checked by a doctor every month, to ensure that we are disease free!”

“You said ‘we all’, are there many of you working for the organisation?” Asked Marianne.”

“There are about a dozen models or actors, but we don’t all work at the same time, and the director is always looking for new talent!” Sylvia replied.

“So, do you always have sex with the same man?” Asked Marianne.

“No, it depends on who the director thinks is the best fit for the storyline, and it isn’t always a man!” was the reply.

“You mean you have sex with women as well?” asked Marianne.

“Yes, of course! Didn’t you realise that I am bi-sexual? I love having sex with men and women!” said Sylvia.

“No, I didn’t know.” Marianne said.

“Does it make any difference to our friendship?” Sylvia asked.

“No, of course not. I am very fond of you and that won’t change!” Marianne replied.

“Thank goodness for that,” said Sylvia, “I would miss you so much, I love you to bits and I have always wanted to make love to you! Have you ever had sex with a woman?”

Marianne blushed, she hesitated, then said, “Yes, I used to share a flat with a friend and we sometimes shared a bed when it was really cold, to save on heating. We sometimes kissed and brought each other off, once we had a threesome when my friend’s boyfriend joined in!”

“How would you feel if I kissed you now?” asked Sylvia “would you object?”

“I don’t think so,” said Marianne “I think I would like it!”

Sylvia moved closer to Marianne, she took hold of Marianne’s cheeks in her hands and gently pulled her in, until their lips met in a soft and sensuous kiss! Marianne responded and the kissing became more passionate, soon they were joining their tongues in each other’s mouths!

Sylvia unbuttoned her friend’s blouse, undid her bra and fondled her soft breasts with their, by now, rock hard nipples. She then moved her mouth down to Marianne’s nipples and sucked and licked them.

Marianne’s heart was beating rapidly, she could hardly breathe, and she could feel her pussy becoming wet and aroused!

Marianne responded, by pulling Sylvia’s jumper off and undoing her skirt. Sylvia lifted herself up so that Marianne could pull her skirt, panties and panty hose down. Marianne caressed her friend’s pussy and ran her fingers up and down her opening. The two women removed the rest of their clothing, and Marianne said, “Let’s go to bed, please!”

The two lovers climbed the stairs to Marianne and Chris’s bedroom, and got onto the big double bed! They embraced and kissed, whilst feeling each other’s bodies all over with hot hands. Sylvia moved in between Marianne’s opened legs and put her mouth down to taste her friend’s sweet and juicy pussy! She sucked on her clitoris and in no time brought her to an orgasm!

“Oh, wow,” breathed Marianne, “put your pussy over my mouth and sit on me, while I bring you off!”

In no time at all, the two women had pleasured each other to shuddering climaxes, and they lay quiet in each other’s arms.

“That was wonderful,” said Marianne, “I feel so happy that we did that, and I’ll want to do it again! Tell me, have you ever had a threesome with a couple? I was wondering if you would like to have a threesome with me and Chris?”

“I have had a lot of threesomes,” said Sylvia, “but I won’t have sex with friends’ husbands or partners, in case it should cause problems between them!”

“Oh, right,” said Marianne, “I only asked because I know that Chris fancies you, but I am more than happy to keep you for myself, you will be my secret lover!” and she kissed her again.

As they lay there, caressing each other’s bodies, Marianne continued to question her friend and lover regarding her financially rewarding occupation. “Tell me,” she said, “what sort of women does your film organisation want for their photos and films?”

“Well, they want attractive women, with nice bodies between about 20 to 40 years old, who are photogenic, good at all sorts of sex and visibly enjoy it. Too many ‘porn stars’ just go through the motions, but it never looks or sounds right on film, it is always so artificial! The director I work for wants people who really enjoy the sex and look forward to each session knowing that they are going to have a good time!”

“The actors must be prepared to have sex with men and women, of any race, and sometimes with multiple partners! They prefer single women, to ensure that there are no problems with jealous husbands! They are prepared to employ married women, as long as their husbands sign a disclaimer, stating that they have no objections to their wives having sex with anyone the organisation requires them to!”

“Could I do it?” asked Marianne.

“I think you’d be ideal, as long as Chris would sign the disclaimer, but the decision always rests with the director!”

“I want to do it!” said Marianne, “How do I go about it?”

“If you really want to do it, I’ll arrange for you to have an interview with the director. I’ll tell him what a gorgeous, sexy minx, you are and I’m sure he will want to see you.”

The two women kissed and embraced. They caressed each other and then arranged themselves top to tail for a “69”, cunnilingus. Bringing them both to a huge orgasm, fuelled by their feelings for each other, and the result of talking about the pornographic scenarios that they hoped to share in the future.

When Sylvia left, Marianne had an inner glow! She now had a heightened relationship with her best friend, who had also become her lover. She knew that she loved Sylvia, almost as much as she loved her husband. She was also excited at the prospect of working at a porn studio and being able to earn enough to make their lives more pleasant!

She knew that there would be no problem getting Chris to agree and sign the disclaimer, he always became aroused, hearing about her sexual exploits before they were married, and the couple that had occurred after they were married! She was sure, that he would want to see and enjoy, photos and films of her having sex, if she was accepted!

A week later, Sylvia called on Marianne to tell her that the director would like to see her the following week. He wanted to discuss her possible involvement, and to do some photographic shots to assess her potential on camera. Just a few nude and semi-nude shots,

She should wear some easily removable clothing, her sexiest lingerie and hold up stockings. No pantyhose!

If everything turned out well at the first interview, there would be a second interview with test photos and short film clips of them having ‘simulated’ sex with partners! Depending on results, a final decision could be made by both parties and, if she joined the group, her husband must be asked to sign the disclaimer before actual sex would be allowed!

Marianne couldn’t wait for the day of the interview! With Sylvia’s agreement, she had told Chris all about it, and how it had come about. She had sworn him to keep the secret about her and Sylvia’s involvement in the porn business, from anyone else. She didn’t tell him about the new relationship between herself and Sylvia, that would only complicate matters! Chris said he was ready to sign the disclaimer as soon as required!

The day of the interview finally arrived. Marianne didn’t know how long the interview would take, so as she kissed Chris goodbye in the morning, she told him that she may not be back before he got home from work. She would be home as soon as possible!

Chris wished her good luck. He said that she must tell him everything about her day, that evening! He said he would get a ‘take away’ dinner, once she was home. He suggested they didn’t broach the subject of the interview, until they were relaxing after they had eaten!

Shortly after Chris left for work, Sylvia came to pick Marianne up. After embracing and enjoying a sensual kiss, they left to drive to the studio.

When they arrived at the studio, the receptionist checked them in. She was a pretty young blonde, who looked like she should be appearing in the films herself! Sylvia explained that she sometimes took part in the filming as ‘extra duties’!

Once past reception, they were in a comfortable lounge, with photos of male and female models on the walls in various stages of undress! They were all beautifully and professionally produced, Marianne was impressed. She had asked Sylvia, if she could borrow some of the photos and films that she appeared In, so she could look at them at home. Sylvia hadn’t given them to her yet, so she hadn’t really been sure what the finished products would look like until now!

The director came in, a pleasant, middle aged man, with twinkling blue eyes and a ready smile. He introduced himself, and explained that they were filming at that moment, but he would be with her as soon as he was free!

Filming was not time governed, he explained, and sometimes scenes had to be repeated to get them right, before moving on! He said that, If Marianne would like to, she could watch some of the action from a viewing gallery. She said she would like that, and the director asked Sylvia to take her friend to the gallery when she was ready.

Sylvia wasn’t sure how Marianne would react, to the action they were about to see. Talking about it was one thing, seeing the action was something else!

The gallery was at the back of the studio, on a balcony about 10 feet higher than the studio floor. It was behind the director’s position, and there were a few other people including camera operators, lighting and sound technicians, etc. in the body of the room.

The ‘stage’ area was brightly lit, and was actually a section of the studio floor, furnished as a bedroom. Lying on the bed, was a beautiful girl with a fantastic figure, sitting chatting to her, was an attractive man, and he had a nicely toned body. They were both completely naked!

Marianne and Sylvia took their seats in the gallery, Sylvia whispered, that the actors were part way through the scene. They had already been filmed, undressing each other and were ready for the sex action to take place!

The director said, “Ok, let’s get started, guys”. The girl sat on one side of the bed, with her back to the headboard and the young man stood on the floor next to her. At the cry of “Action” from the director, the man bent down and kissed the woman on her lips, she responded, and they kissed sensually with open mouths. The man cupped the woman’s breasts with one hand, he teased her nipples until they were hard and stood out proudly.

The woman was softly moaning and fingering her clitoris gently. The man bent down further, then sucked and licked the woman’s nipples. Marianne saw his cock grow from semi-flaccid, to a hard rod of 7 inches or more! “He’s big,” Marianne whispered to Sylvia. “No, he is about average for here,” she replied. Marianne looked at her friend with eyebrows raised in surprise but didn’t say anything.

The woman took hold of the man’s cock, rubbed her closed fingers up and down the shaft for a few seconds, then she moved her head to kiss the tip of it, before taking it into her mouth. She started moving her head backwards and forwards, taking the shaft deep into her mouth, then it became obvious that she was taking the head deep into her throat on each forward thrust. The man groaned with pleasure!

Marianne turned to Sylvia, and whispered, “I’m not sure that I could do that without gagging! I often suck Chris, but I have never taken him that deep. I have never taken anyone that deep!”

“I am sure you could manage with practice,” said Sylvia, “I couldn’t do it at first, but now it’s not a problem.” Marianne looked at her again with wide eyes but didn’t say anything more!

The woman on the bed, was still giving the man a terrific blowjob, and now he was thrusting steadily into her mouth. He continued to groan, then he suddenly gasped, pushed in as far as possible and held his position. The woman was making swallowing motions, and Marianne realised that the man had come in her throat and she was swallowing it all!

The man withdrew his cock, and the woman licked along the shaft, cleaning it of any remaining cum. They kissed and the man sat on the bed at the woman’s feet, his cock now limp. The director called “Cut” and everyone relaxed. Someone gave the woman a glass of water, while the man washed and dried his cock, with a bowl of water and a cloth.

“It’s not very romantic,” whispered Marianne! “It’s work,” replied Sylvia with a smile, and she kissed her friend’s ear!

A few minutes later, the director called out, “ready guys?” and everyone returned to their places. The man slowly rubbed his hand up and down his cock, and Marianne was surprised to see that it was already rigid again! When she mentioned this to Sylvia. she was told that some of the male actors, could come three times within an hour if they had to! Goodness, thought Marianne and wished Chris could do the same!

This time, the young woman positioned herself lying on the bed, with her head on the pillows and with her legs apart. The man teased her nipples again, to get them hard, at the same time, the woman rubbed her clitoris hard with the fingertips of one hand, to help get herself aroused!

The man knelt on the bed, between the woman’s legs, he bent down, to bring his mouth to her pussy. He licked up and down her opening and sucked on her clitoris, whilst flicking it with his tongue. The woman put her head back, with her eyes closed, and soft moans came from her parted lips. When the man put his tongue as deep into her pussy as he could, she gasped and opened her legs wider, making herself more accessible!

The man continued to lick and suck her clitoris and pussy, the woman was obviously becoming more and more aroused. Her breathing became ragged and shallow, she was obviously on the verge of an orgasm.

He pushed his face hard against her, and took her clitoris in his teeth, gently. The woman thrashed her head from side to side and screamed as if in pain, but the watchers knew that the pain was ecstasy! “Yes”, screamed the woman, “Oh yes, oh yes!” as she reached the height of her orgasm.

The man withdrew his face from her pussy, his cheeks and chin were shiny with her pussy juices. She reached down to his arms, to encourage him to move up her body, but kneeling upright he took hold of his cock and began to rub it up and down her wet pussy opening! When the head of his cock was covered in her juices, he slowly slid into her and started to fuck her. She sighed and pushed up to meet him. In two gentle thrusts he had all of his cock buried in her, and he started to slowly pump in and out. “Oh yes,” she cried, “fuck me, fuck me hard!”

Marianne suddenly realised that her vagina was wet, and her nipples were making points in her dress. She also realised that Sylvia’s hand was up her skirt, and she was fingering her pussy! She turned to her friend and kissed her, putting her tongue in her open mouth. Then something else came into her mind and she whispered, “he isn’t wearing a condom!” Sylvia grinned at Marianne, “they usually don’t” she said, “unless the girl isn’t on the pill! The director likes the girls to be on the pill, as it makes the action more natural!”

“Oh! I’m on the pill so that’s Ok,” said Marianne.

“That’s good” said Sylvia, “we do sometimes use condoms, but it is better if they can get good shots of the naked cock, and cum shots too!”

“Yes, I can see that” said Marianne, “and I know that I’ll enjoy it more without a condom!”

“Good” thought Sylvia, “she’s already talking like she’s got the job!”

On the stage, things were getting hot, the man was thrusting hard and fast into his partner’s wet pussy. She was arching her back and moaning loudly, she seemed in the early stages of another orgasm!

He continued to thrust, both their bodies were coated with a film of perspiration, reflecting the studio lights. “Oh fuck, Oh God, fuck me, fuck me, I’m coming” she screamed. His mouth was open, he was gasping for breath, “I’m coming too!” he shouted! “Yes, yesss, yesss!” the woman screamed. “Give me your come, fill me up!”. His body stiffened, and then spasmed, as he came inside her again and again!

As he continued to pump in and out, now more gently, cum could be seem oozing out of the girl’s pussy, around his gradually softening cock. When he withdrew and rolled off her, to lie beside her, the camera zoomed in to capture the sight of the thick, creamy, cum dripping from her engorged pussy lips.

“Well done, everyone,” said the director, “that’s a wrap. Let’s take an early finish for the day!” Turning to the gallery, he called up to Sylvia, “if you bring Marianne to my office now, we can have our little talk!”

Sylvia led Marianne to the director’s office, where they all sat down, and he offered them coffee. “Welcome Marianne,” he said, “Sylvia wasn’t exaggerating when she said you were very attractive! Now, I know Sylvia has told you all about our set up here, and how we operate, so I won’t repeat all that. I would like to get our stills photographer to get some shots of you stripping for the camera, and some nude poses. Your dress is very suitable, will you pull your top down and lift your skirt, so I can see what your undies are like”.

Marianne, who had not said a word yet, did as she was asked. “Excellent,” the director said, “if you agree to be photographed, we will get make-up to get you ready and go for it, is that OK?”

Marianne agreed. She asked how she should carry out her strip, and the director told her that she should just follow the photographer’s instructions and try to ignore the other people in the studio!

“Right, off you go then,” said the director, “take her to make up, Sylvia. Get make up to do you as well, we might want to include you in some of the shots!”

Sylvia smiled, and taking Marianne’s hand she led her out of the office and down to the make-up suite where she introduced Marianne to the make-up artist.

“Hi Julie, this is Marianne a special friend of mine who is about to have a test shoot, would you get us both ready for a black and white photo set, please?”

“Hi Marianne, no problem you won’t need a lot of make-up, you have lovely skin and you already look good, you too Sylvia.”

“Thanks, love” said Sylvia and gave Julie a peck on the lips.

Julie then asked both girls to undress, so that she could see what sort of body make-up they might need. In both cases it was only very light, but, as she explained, it would look strange when they removed their clothing if there was a contrast between a made-up face and an untouched body!

It was strange to Marianne, sitting in a chair naked with a charming young woman applying make-up and dusting her down. In her already partly aroused state, she was very aware of every touch from Julie and was sure that the make-up artist lingered a little longer than strictly necessary over her breasts and inner thighs!

When Julie had finished with them, they dressed again and Sylvia led Marianne back to the studio floor. As they walked, she said to Marianne, “I’ll have to watch Julie, she clearly fancies you, and who could blame her!” Marianne blushed and squeezed Sylvia’s hand.

On the studio floor an attractive, youngish man approached them, shook Marianne by the hand and introduced himself.

“Hi, you must be Marianne, I’m Pete the stills photographer, Sylvia told us that you were gorgeous and she was right! We’ll get a lovely set of black and white photos and you will get a copy of them all before you leave here today.” Marianne smiled and thanked him. He was nice and he put her at ease.

“Ok” said Pete, “I want you to just stand in front of that white wall there and strip off all your clothes, except your stockings and shoes.”

“Start by unzipping your dress all the way down. I see it has a long zip down to your bum, so when you have it unzipped you should be able to push it down and remove it that way, rather than over your head which is often ungainly! Do it slowly and smoothly and look straight into the camera as much as possible, with your lips slightly open. When you have the dress off, kick it to one side.”

“Then, unfasten your bra and slowly let it slide off your breasts, down your arms, onto the floor and kick it to the side. Remove your panties by slipping your thumbs in the waistband, and ease them down without catching your stocking tops, until you can drop them to your ankles and step out of them.”

“Then lift your breasts with both hands and rub them, all over, as if you need to ease them after wearing a bra all day. Pinch your nipples to make them stand out, if they aren’t already doing so! Lastly put your right foot up on the chair so I can show your pussy in the shot. We will play some slow music to help you move and strip smoothly. I’ll be clicking the camera throughout the session and you must try to ignore me but do what I say, OK?”

“OK,” said Marianne “I’m ready!”

They proceeded with the photoshoot, with Pete giving instructions all the time and occasionally telling Marianne to twist or bend this way or that, as she slowly removed her clothes. At first she had been aware of the other people in the studio watching the action but as she got into the session she just forgot about them!

When Marianne had stripped to her stocking and shoes, Pete told Sylvia to undress down to her stocking and shoes as well and join Marianne on the set. He then put them through a series of poses kissing, rubbing against each other, caressing each others’ breasts and fingering their pussies!

At the end of the session, the director, who had been watching from the gallery, called Pete over and had a few words with him.

Pete nodded, went back to the studio floor and said, “the director was impressed and would like you to do some more poses with a male model, he will pay you a regular shoot rate each if you agree, that is £200. However, you should know that we will want the man to pose with his cock in your mouths and your pussies, in fact, action shots while he fucks you. What do you say?”

“But my husband hasn’t signed the disclaimer yet,” said Marianne, “will that be a problem?”

“The director says that you seem so positive that your husband wants to sign, it’s worth taking a risk!” He replied.

Sylvia looked at Marianne and said, “It is totally up to you! I’ve done this lots of times so I have no problem with it, but you weren’t expecting this and you may not be ready!”

Marianne’s heart was beating fast and hard, as she thought for a moment. “I’ll do it,” she said!”

“Good girl” said Pete.

“Who is the model?” asked Sylvia.

“Joel,” replied Pete.

Sylvia turned to Marianne and said, “Joel, is a nice guy. He has a good body, a big cock and he is black! Is that still alright with you?”

“I’ve never had sex with a black man,” said Marianne, “but if he is a nice guy and he is not rough with me, then let’s do it!” And she gave a shaky smile!

Pete said, “You are bound to be a bit nervous, but you’ve already shown that you are naturally sexy, which has impressed the Director. I’m sure you’ll do very well. Just do what I tell you and you’ll be great!”

Pete directed the two women to the set, where they had previously watched the couple having sex. Fresh covers and pillows had been put on the bed and a light, delicious, scent had been sprayed around. There were now a couple of lighting technicians around the set as well, waiting to adjust the lighting to the photographer’s requirements. Marianne was surprised to find that she wasn’t embarrassed by being naked in front of a number of people, she was beginning to enjoy being the centre of attention!

The two women got on the bed. Marianne was instructed to take up the position previously adopted by the young woman they had watched from the gallery. Sylvia was asked to sit on the bed at Marianne’s feet. As they took their positions a handsome, naked, well built, young black man came onto the set, this was Joel.

“Hi Sylvia,” said Joel, “and you must be Marianne! Nice to meet you” He kissed her on the cheek.

Marianne looked at him, smiled and said “Hi”. Her eyes then dropped to his cock, hanging limply between his thighs. As Sylvia had said, he was big! His flaccid cock had to be 7inches long and it was thick. It was jet black and had a dark purple head. It was magnificent, just looking at it caused Marianne’s nipples to harden and her pussy to become damp in anticipation! At the same time, she wondered how he was going to get it inside her without hurting her, and her smile faltered!

Joel was aware that this was all new for Marianne, whereas he had been in this position many times. “I’ll be careful,” he said, “we’ll use plenty of lube and go slowly, we should both enjoy it!”

“Thank you” said Marianne, she blushed as she said, “you are beautiful and I want to be able to enjoy you!” Joel just grinned!

“Ok” said Pete, ” let’s get on. Joel, I want you to stand alongside the bed with your back to the wall and Marianne, I want you to rub Joel’s cock until it is good and hard, then I want you to kiss it from the side with your lips open while Sylvia kneels down and kisses it from the other side, so your two sets of lips meet around it in the kiss. Ok?”

They all took their positions. Joel’s cock felt hot on the lips of the two women, it was now absolutely engorged and rigid. Marianne’s pussy was now quite wet and she licked the side of Joel’s cock because she wanted to! She looked into her friend’s eyes as she kissed the other side of the cock, and Sylvia winked. She was obviously enjoying herself as well!

For a few minutes, Pete posed the threesome, caressing and kissing each other in different

positions. He asked Marianne to suck Joel’s cock while Sylvia licked his testicles. Sylvia watched Marianne take the big cock in her mouth and slowly bob her head backwards and forwards on it, whilst Pete took numerous shots.

Joel’s erect cock was 9 inches long now and Marianne was getting 5 inches of it in her mouth. She was sucking it in as far as she could, she found herself wanting to take it deeper, she was excited by it, but her gag reflex stopped her from getting it deep into her throat. However, Pete was happy that the photos would be good!

“Now I want to take some shots of you and Joel fucking”, Pete said to Marianne!

Suddenly Marianne didn’t feel so sure of herself. She wasn’t expecting this today, she wasn’t prepared. She was suddenly very conscious that she would be having full sexual intercourse in front of a number of people, who would all be watching her perform! She was also aware that she would be having sex with a virile young man with the biggest cock she had ever seen or touched!

Pete was still speaking, “It won’t be a full fucking session,” he said, “there will be no orgasms and Joel will not cum! I just need to get shots of the two of you with Joel’s cock against and inside your pussy in various positions, missionary, doggy and cowgirl, are you going to be alright with all that?”

Almost in a whisper, Marianne replied, “I think so, but I don’t want him to hurt me, he is very big and I have never had anything that big in me!”

“Joel will be careful, and I won’t proceed with the poses if they cause you discomfort or frighten you! I need you to be relaxed to get the best out of you, so we won’t force you into anything. We are all professionals here, and we know what we are doing. I think you will find, that once we get started you will enjoy it!”

“Right,” said Marianne in a much braver voice than she felt. “I believe you and I trust Joel. What do you want me to do?”

“Ok,” said Pete. “We will start with you lying down on your back missionary position, with your legs apart and you knees drawn up so your pussy is nice and open. Place your arms above you on the pillows. Joel will kneel between your legs and hold his cock just in front of your opening, as if he is about to enter you, as of course he will be!

Then I’ll ask him to slowly put the head of his cock into you a couple of inches. After a pause, I’ll ask him to push it in another couple of inches, then finally push all the way in! I will take full body shots and close ups of your pussy, at each stage. But first Sylvia will put plenty of lubricant on and inside your pussy, and Joel will coat his cock as well! At some stage, I will get Sylvia to straddle you with her pussy on your mouth. After that I’ll get you to go on your hands and knees whilst Joel puts his cock in you doggy fashion, finally I’ll get Joel to lie down while you ride his cock cowgirl style”.

“Will Joel wear a condom?” asked Marianne. “I would rather he didn’t for this shoot,” said Pete, “the photographs will look much better without one, and there will be no cum involved!”

Marianne nodded, “Ok” she said!

“Right Sylvia, will you do the honours?” said Pete. “Make sure Marianne is well lubricated on her pussy lips and inside, but I don’t want any gobs of it showing up in the shots, you know the routine! Joel can look after himself!”

Sylvia took the tube of lubricant and gently smeared a good amount on Marianne’s pussy, then with a smile she coated her fingers and worked them into her vagina. Marianne loved the feeling of her friend’s fingers sliding in and out of her and she couldn’t help feeling aroused. When Sylvia had finished, she leaned forward and gave Marianne a soft and sensual kiss on the lips then whispered, “you are going to be perfect!”

“Ok Joel,” said Pete, “get in position. Ready Marianne?” Marianne nodded! Joel knelt between her legs, as she opened them and pulled her knees up. He took hold of his cock and held it just in front of her opening. The camera shutter clicked as Pete moved around them getting his shots. Marianne was almost trembling with anticipation of that big cock’s entry, desperately hoping it wouldn’t hurt and that she could take it in!

“Ok, now put the head in,” said Pete. Joel smiled at Marianne and made a little kissing motion with his lips, hoping to help re-assure her. This first entry would be make or break!

He rubbed the purple head up and down her slit a couple of time and eased forward a little. His cock head slid inside! She was tight, but he hadn’t had to use much pressure! He stopped and held his position. Pete’s camera was clicking furiously.

As the head of Joel’s large cock slid up and down on her pussy opening and then slid into her, Marianne felt a sense of relief! She was being stretched as never before, but the lubricant certainly helped and there was no real pain, just a feeling of being full and tightly stretched at the same time! If anything, her instinct was to put her hands round Joel’s waist and pull him further into her, but she lay still as instructed.

As she lay there, she started to feel more comfortable and when Pete told Joel to slide all the way in, she wasn’t alarmed. However, when he had pushed all of himself into her, she felt the head pushing hard into her cervix. It wasn’t really painful it was just a little ache!

As Pete moved in and took his photographs, Marianne began to feel more comfortable, she liked the feelings that this huge cock was giving her, and she wanted to feel it sliding up and down inside her! She started to wriggle a little backwards and forwards and Joel responded with little thrusts. This was going to be lovely, she wanted to be fucked, she wanted this cock to fuck her hard!

She moaned a little. Joel drew back a little and then thrust back in. “Oh, yes,” she thought, “give it to me I want it!” Her eyes were closed, her head pushed back into the pillows and she pushed her pelvis off the bed trying to get the cock deeper. She could feel the beginning of an orgasm deep inside her and she wanted to release it!

Joel could not help joining in with this orgasmic fucking. He felt the need to fuck Marianne hard until they both came. He was now pumping hard into her gorgeously tight pussy, and she was pulling him tight to her. She started to cry out as her orgasm took her over, she had never felt so out of control. She cried out, she laughed and she wept all at the same time. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck mee!” she screamed.

“Oh, argh, yes!” shouted Joel as he felt the first spasm that would launch his cum deep into her sex. “I’m cuming” he cried, as he felt his cock pushing spurts of his cum deep into his lovely partner’s pussy!

Joel collapsed onto Marianne and she asked, breathlessly, “did you come in me?”

“Yes” he replied, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, you fuck like a pro and I mean that as a compliment!”

She leant over and kissed him. “Don’t apologise,” she said, “I loved it and I wanted it!”

“So, did I,” said Joel!

“Well that’s that,” said Pete, “we’ll have to forget the other positions today. Get yourselves cleaned up in the bathroom, and you girls can get your clothes on and get up to the director’s office!”

“Whoops, he doesn’t sound too amused,” thought Marianne. “I hope that doesn’t mean I have failed!”

Fifteen minutes later in the director’s office Marianne, nervously awaited the verdict!

“You are one very sexy girl” he said, “and once you get used to doing it as a job rather than taking your pleasure, you will be perfect! That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it, but wait for the OK before you let yourself go in future.”

“Does that mean you want me to work for you?” she asked.

He laughed and said, “It certainly does, and the team will love you! But first you must get your husband to sign the disclaimer, is that OK?”

“I’m sure he will be happy to sign it,” she replied. “Right, well here is the form, make sure he reads it properly before he signs, and don’t let him sign until he has seen the photos that Pete is preparing now.” With that he gave both women an envelope each. “That is payment for today and, Sylvia, that includes a bonus for bringing this little gem to us!”

The two friends left the office, they went to sit in the lounge and wait for the photo set to be brought by Pete. Marianne looked inside the envelope she had been given, £200! She said “wow, and I had such a good time as well!” and she laughed!

“I said you would be perfect!” Sylvia said. “Welcome, to the fun house!”

When they got back to Marianne’s home it was after 6pm, and Chris was home.

“I’ll leave you to talk to Chris,” said Sylvia. “Call me in the morning and let me know what he says after he has seen the photos!” She kissed her friend and lover on the cheek then waited until she had walked to her front door before driving off.

Chris opened the door before Marianne got there. “Everything alright, love?” he asked.

Marianne looked up at him and said, “Everything is fine”, then burst into tears!

Chris took her into his arms, hugged her tight and kissed her. “I love you” he said, “come and sit down and I’ll get you a cup of tea.”

Marianne dried her eyes, she was so happy to have Chris, and she loved him to bits. She hoped that he would still feel the same about her after he saw her photos!

After they had eaten dinner and cleared away, they went into the lounge and sat together, “Tell me everything” said Chris.

So Marianne told him what the director had said to her, and how she had agreed to strip on set for the photoshoot and do the ‘girl on girl’ bit with Sylvia. She showed him the photos of that session!

Chris was open mouthed, he had never even imagined Marianne with another girl and both she and Sylvia were gorgeous together! The quality of the photographs was very good and beautifully posed. “Wow” he said, “you are gorgeous and the photos are fantastic!”

Marianne then went on to tell him about agreeing to do the sex shots with Sylvia and Joel. She then showed him the photos of her sucking and kissing Joel’s cock, and of Sylvia rubbing lube onto and inside her pussy!

“There wasn’t supposed to be any proper fucking,” she said, “just putting his cock in me and holding different positions, for the photos to be shot. The trouble is, I got carried away. Joel’s cock was so big and different and exciting, that I started to hump him a little. That set him off and he lost control! We ended up fucking properly, and the photographer didn’t try to stop us, he just kept taking photographs, it took everyone by surprise! I’m so sorry Chris, I didn’t mean to do anything like that until you had agreed. It was just sex, not like when you and I make love, that is different!”

There were tears in her eyes again. “It’s Ok” said Chris, “I understand, and anyway, if we are both in agreement to go ahead, you will be fucking Joel and others on a regular basis. We knew that from the start, and we agreed that it wouldn’t affect our relationship. If you want to go ahead I am happy to support you and sign the disclaimer. I trust you and I love you and nothing will change that!”

Only then did she hand him the photos of her and Joel fucking!

Chris looked at every shot without saying a word, then he smiled and said, “Jesus that is hot, I know just how sexy you are, but that is HOT! Wow! How did you manage to get his cock in you, did it hurt, are you different now? Won’t you be satisfied with my smaller cock anymore?”

“No, silly!” she said, “I went back to normal in just a little while, If I was doing it every day it might be different, but that isn’t going to happen!”

“Good” said Chris, ” because you know how much I love your tight pussy!”

“And you know how much I love your cock in my tight pussy,” she replied!

Marianne then took the £200 cash out of the envelope and gave it to Chris. “This are my first wages,” she said, “and there will be plenty more, as long as we want to keep going!”

“Crikey, I am going to be living off my wife’s immoral earnings,” he said with a grin!

“It’s wages” she said “it’s just work!” and punched him playfully in the chest. “And just wait until the next session. I am going to be in my first film, and I’ll be having two male actors at the same time! When we get our copy of the film, that should make your eyes pop!”

They both laughed and she kissed him. “Let’s go to bed now,” she said, ” I need you inside me!”

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