Pleasing My Master

Pleasing My Master


Dear reader, my Master in real life has approved the basic plot for this story. At the time of writing this first chapter, i have been on orgasm restriction and self-touch restriction for three weeks, which enhances my writing. i am honored to sacrifice my pleasure and write stories for my worthy Master.

Also, please note that while the plot is fictional, the sentiments accurately reflect reality.

This is for Master.


CHAPTER 1 – The Evening Begins

The uber that Master ordered for me is driving me to some kind of club, where i will meet Master. i am not sure exactly what the evening will hold, but i do know that this is my final test to earn my slave collar.

Master and i have known each other for many years, having first met in graduate school. We have remained in touch through marriages and kids, and now we are both single again.

We dabbled off and on in D/s play throughout the years. But just months ago, he invited me to enter into a more formal Master/slave relationship. i now live in a constant state of submission to him, although we live apart and have separate lives.

Being pleased with my service to him during these months, he recently proposed the idea of increasing his dominion over me, by collaring me.

He explained that upon my collaring, he will own me completely, and my submission to him will be total. He explained that he will not jeopardize my job or interfere with my duties as a mother, but that my submission may extend to public places and other participants as he sees fit. He will make all decisions regarding my body and how it will be used by him or by others, once i am his.

i am utterly thrilled to have the opportunity to further submit to him by being collared, and have fully agreed to his terms.

And importantly, i have agreed to being ultimately tested by him tonight as the final step.

i ring the doorbell at the club’s main entrance, as Master explained when he gave me instructions for tonight, and i nervously wait for someone to answer.

An attractive woman – wearing a revealing black leather bustiers, short black leather skirt, fishnet thigh highs, and black high-heeled boots that come above the knee – opens the door and welcomes me into an entryway/foyer. She seems to be a Domme of sorts.

“Your Master has chosen me to be your hostess throughout the evening,” she says, matter-of-factly. “He gave me clear instructions on how to guide you. Understand that resisting me would be equivalent to resisting your Master,” she explains. “So you must follow my orders and guidance. Do you understand?”

i take a deep breath, realizing i have no idea what will be required of me by her or by Master this evening. But i am wholly committed to becoming Master’s collared slave, so after a pause, i nod in agreement.

“Good. Now take off all of your clothing and place them in this bag. I will then blindfold you, and lead you to your Master’s table inside. He has reserved a special table right in front of the main stage.”

“Remove all of my clothing?!” i exclaim. i consider the fact that Master always has me completely nude in his presence, but that it has always been in private. i am stunned that he is expecting me to walk into this club completely naked!

“Hm, resisting already, slave? Your Master will be very disappointed to hear about this. Earning a collar is quite an honor for a slave. I suggest you adjust your attitude – or rethink your decision to be collared.”

My heart sinks instantly upon being chastised like this. The idea of disappointing Master crushes me. i can’t bear to displease him. It occurs to me that of course, he isn’t going to make this easy for me. Earning a collar would be meaningless if it didn’t require serious sacrifices from me. i am his slave, i exist to please him, and i am to prove that to him tonight.

i feel ashamed, as i recognize my failure.

“i’m sorry,” i say to my hostess. Then i add with resolve, “i’ll do better, i promise.”

“Good girl. I’ll be sure to let your Master know you’re complying nicely, then. And you can leave your heels on.”

i am petite, and Master has a large presence at over 6 feet tall. So i am very thankful when he allows me to wear heels around him.

Once i am undressed and blindfolded, my hostess then leads me by the arm out of the foyer and into the noisy main room, where i can tell from the sounds that people are dining and drinking and enjoying music…and, i guess, looking at me now. i wonder if other women are naked in here too. This is utterly surreal to be walking into a crowded restaurant/club with no clothes on and unable to fully comprehend my surroundings!

“How can this be happening? What kind of club is this?” i ponder to myself.

Finally, we stop at a destination, which i assume is the table she mentioned. i wonder if Master is sitting here or if he is elsewhere in the club.

“Hopefully, now i can sit down at the table with him and be a little less exposed!” i think.

But then, much to my surprise, my hostess backs me up to what feels like a metal pole, wraps my arms around the pole behind me, and ties my wrists together so that i am secured to the pole.

“Your Master will join you here at the table soon. For now I have displayed a sign next to you, as directed by your Master, which reads ‘please help yourself, but no anal penetration.'”

“Oh my god!” i gasp quietly to myself, so my hostess does not sense any resistance.

i take a deep breath and then respond to her, “Understood.”

“I will be back to check on you,” she says. “I will be the one to give you restroom breaks and generally look after your basic needs.”

Then she adds, quite seriously and ominously, “Keep your eye on the prize, slave. And assume nothing.”

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