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Giving and Receiving for Men and Women.With clear and direct language, Oral Sex for Every Body is a practical, uninhibited guide to making your sexual relations more imaginative and pleasurable. Oral sex has many variations (as many for her as for him), and you’ll find all of them in this book. Let yourself be carried along and learn to enjoy invigorating oral sex, passionate cunnilingus, or an unforgettable sixty-nine. Let it free your imagination, forget about your fears, and prepare to surprise your lover as you never have before. You will learn to discover and stimulate your partner’s most excitable erogenous zones. Without haste, you will savor each vibration of their body and will find secret places that, along the way, will produce an intense, profound sexual experience. This book takes you through all of the steps, including: ? The foreplay: kisses, caresses, massages, etc.;? Tricks to create a sensual ambiance ;? The erogenous zones that drive us crazy . . . with pleasure ;? The most exciting techniques: cunnilingus and fellatio;? Fantasies without limitations: erotic games, scenarios, lingerie, piercings, Kama Sutra, and more! 160 Pages Published: September 16, 2014

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