Russian SEX

Russian SEX


Leaving LIFT KITty’s Fitness Center behind, Henry McKellen felt like God. Far from it. He was a pretty decent looking guy, somewhat fit from natural DNA, otherwise nothing a few sit ups didn’t define, Joining the gym wasn’t a bad idea, for another day. He was fine with just lifting his ego over his head.

“So that’s what Josie feels when I assert any form of dominance. Coming here was almost an eye opener. I mean ever since that first night with Piper it seems like my world has done a 360. Piper is hands down the hottest girl I’ve ever been with, sorry Josie but that’s a fact. Then Josie and I reaching that milestone agreement to do who and what we please as long as we’re honest with one another only added something to our spark again. Add in Tessa, Svetty, now Serafina…a bodybuilder for Christ’s sake, lord knows how this Kelly thing will evolve. If anything I think she might be my pet project. Do I have time for all this pussy?” He chuckled all the way next door to the strip club known as Cashanova’s. Fortune was certainly on his side these days. He should have stopped at an ATM, that side of his fortune was waning in the wallet.

Opening the front door to the club he heard music playing, “Country? Ugh! Surely a strip club doesn’t just play old Waylon Jennings.” Regardless of his taste in music nulling his senses Henry passed by a young man in drag, easy enough to figure that out even though sadly he was pretty attractive, the guy certainly thought the same of Henry. “Not your type Menderella.” He chuckled under his breath but nodded at the Queen out of respect anyway. Hanging around Piper and her humorous nicknames for people was rubbing off on him. Even Tessa was prone to coming up with cute monikers. The only one he didn’t like for himself was Henry Peck, as in Hen Peck, good thing it was over a skype session or Tessa might have been proven wrong.

“Welcome to Cashanova’s ID please?” The gay man spoke as Henry reached for his wallet, “Just kidding Sweetie. Let me know if you want a lap dance I’m available.”

“I’ll be sure to let you know…” Henry smirked and walked away finishing his reply under his breath, “…after I kick your ass and shove you and your feather boa into the trunk of that pink caddy outside.” He too was only kidding. At this point that is. “There’s Jethro.” He found Dominic Black bellied up to the bar watching country videos on CMT, where their music was piped in from at the moment. There were no dancers on stage anywhere. Other than six men sitting at a lengthy bar looking drunk as skunks, and a pair of lady bartenders wearing bikini bras and ass less chaps were in attendance yet the ladies at least prowled about trying to look busy. Those bartenders were definitely silicone based lifeforms upstairs. Bigguns they say in Teeniessee, their bikini tops barely covering their nipples. One bartender didn’t even bother to check her patches as they shifted under stress, a hint of areola peering over its veil.

Leering over his shoulder after noticing one bartender look behind him pointing a well manicured nail, Dominic tipped his hat. “About time you showed up. I’m three beers up on ya.”

“Had a little trouble getting off.” Henry laughed as he took a seat on the barstool next to the giant. The bartender winced almost disappointed he was having troubles. Checking himself he chuckled, “No troubles in that department. I’m talking about escaping…”

“GET THE MAN A BEER!” Dom slapped the bar cutting Henry off from finishing…yet again. As the brunette beauty eased a few feet away to pump a draft beer into a frosty mug Dom leaned closer to Henry, “Don’t be advertizing yer tappin’ my sister. The gals here are a lil’ attached to Serafina.”

“Attached? As in lovers?”

“Sure.” He laughed.

“Wait!” Henry leaned closer to lower his voice, “In a dominant capacity? I mean Sera tried that on me but I switched it up.”

“You said it right there. She’s a switch. Likes being dominant sometimes, controlled other times. Pends on the person and how moody she is. Wouldn’t get too close to my sis…nice to look at…can get a bit cranky.”

“Well, like I said…married.” He again wags his wedding band. The returning bartender notes his ring and smirks.

“Those don’t work in here.” She winked, “I wear bigger rings on my nipples.” She peels one of her patches aside to prove her point. Diamond studded nipple bars were sparkling like her eyes.

“This here is Nag and that there is Philly. As in crème cheese.”

“Stop calling me Nag.” She flips Dom off then smiles at Henry, “I’m Natalie.”

Taking his beer mug he toasts her and dares to identify himself as, “SIR!”

“Ah! Hanging out with Dom tightening your cock ring?”

“Excuse me?”

“She’s just giving you a hard time.” Dom chuckles.

“Is it working?” She wags her tongue at him.

“Not yet. Keep trying.” Henry just tossed out whatever came to mind.

“He’s got spark.” Natalie winks at Dom. “I got my eye on you…Sir.” She then turned and wiggled away to answer the wave of a customer, his own mug bone dry. Henry lifted from his chair to stretch across the bar for a good look at Natalie’s bare heart shaped bottom. Whistling under his breath he felt Dom grip his shoulder and force him back into his barstool.

“So what’s your real fancy Louisville?”

“Just testing the waters. So far I haven’t been pulled under.”

“No need to go all gun shy on me. Just spin the chamber.”

“That day at Kelly’s…you offered to have her give me a blowjob. At the time I had my wife and kids too close to even ponder on that possibility. It…weighed on me a few days so I checked on Kel to see how she was doing. We got to talking about you and her more. She definitely worships the boots on your feet.”

“She better they cost me almost $800 bucks.” Henry looks down at them surmising why, “Yup! Gator.”

“Nice! Anyway, has she told you what happened after you left that day?”

“Ya’ll taking a bukkake piss on that Hardecker punk?”

“Craziest thing I’ve ever done. Pretty sure my wife’s done crazier though.” He laughed.

“You pissed on my critter.” He sneered at Henry almost menacingly then took a swig of his beer.

“So she did tell you. I figured she did.”

“So why you circlin’ what’s mine?”

“Told you that too? Of course she did. Listen, I might have been out of line but that was my way of letting her know that she’s under whatever protection I can offer.”

“Share and share alike?” Dom shocks Henry poising his mug to tap the sweating one still waiting to be picked up off the bar , “Mug up! Don’t ever let a gal see you lower it.”

“Gotcha!” Henry clinks mugs and they both down their beers in a competing effort. Of course Dom beat him to the bar with his empty mug.

“PHILLY? PHILLY IT UP.” Dom calls out to the other bartender, a blond with long straight silky hair and big green eyes, a nose piercing her only distraction from the cowpoke circuit. “Philly this is SIR.”

“Hey there Sir.” She shared her perfect pearly whites. Taking their empty mugs she wiggles toward the tapper. Lifting once again in his seat to peer over the bar at one hell of an ass Henry sighs. Sitting back down he mumbles, “Philly me in.” Dom merely shook his head.

“Now you’re gettin’ it Louisville. It’s about charisma. Show a gal what you’re made of they’ll bend over forwards and backwards for a fella.”

“Sounds accurate enough.” He puckers as she shows back up with their refills. Dom tapping the bar with an index finger showed her his thoughts.

“Felicia Singer.” She offers Henry a name. “He calls me Philly because I moved here from Philadelphia to be closer to the music scene. Aspiring country singer/ songwriter. My day is coming.”

“Should be every day.” Henry fires back.

“Mmmm! Is that an offer? Tell me you’re a Music Producer.”

“Don’t let the shirt full ya Philly, and I call ya by that nickname because you’re one hot Filly from Philly.”

“Calling me a horse is a curse to a singer Dom, a voice can’t go hoarse or it’s game over.” She giggles.

“Pends on how ya got hoarse Philly.” He smirks taking a twenty dollar bill from the bar in front of him then reaching over to tuck it in her narrow bikini top right over her nipple, there was that devious areola. Greedy critter it was.

“Owww! Papercut.” She winks holding her tit with his fingers still beneath the material. “Don’t make me need an EMT.”

“I’m sure my new…Louisville here might suck the blood out of that so it don’t stain yer tiny whitey.” Henry knew that Dom nearly said his new friend. That was promising.

“A singer with the last name Singer, match made in Heaven.” Henry smirks eying her breasts.

Sheepishly looking down at herself she pats Dom’s still loitering finger beneath the thin white bikini top. “Match made in Philly. I got these new roommates done just before I moved to Nashville. I love my babies.”

“Boobies.” Henry altered the term. “Babes in arms though.” He took another risk by removing his wallet and procuring another twenty dollar bill. Stretching over the bar he joins Dom in stashing his money in the boobie bank, his own fingers remaining longer than expected. Shaking her head at them she sees Natalie sneak up on her from behind to reach around the petite blond and lift her breasts up for show.

“Moneybags.” Natalie giggled jostling Philly’s tits about while Dom and Henry held their ground. In the turbulence the girls nipples slipped out for view. Felicia just rolled her eyes, she and they saw that coming a mile away.

“Now that’s how ya get a nip…tip.” Dom chuckled and removed his hand. Henry following him away took a drink of his beer.

“I swear I might as well be a stripper here as much as I flash my tits.” Felicia covers herself back up after swatting Nag’s hands away.

“Speaking of…” A familiar voice interrupted the parlay, “…the applicant has arrived. If you want to call Flossy.”

Dom leers over his shoulder to see the gay cross dresser from the door being melodramatic in introducing someone. Another very familiar someone. As Henry turns in his seat he spots Svetlana and bulges his eyes. She hadn’t noticed him just yet because she was exploring the stages and the designs around her.

“Thanks LouWanda.” Natalie smiles then plucks up the house phone to make a call, “Flossy? The new dancer showed up. On time even.”

Before any recognition between them could be established Henry jumped from his seat and attempted swagger in walking away. Sneaking up behind Svetty he grabbed her from behind and palmed her throat. She froze tempted to use her jujitsu training to toss Henry until she heard him speak.

“Act like you don’t know me. Just play along okay?” She withheld a response as he licked the side of her face with enough of a visual to concern the bartenders who pat Dom on the arm. Dom in turn poises a patient hand to observe them. Knowing Henry’s voice she nodded slightly as he ran his hands over her bulging chest and up inside her sleeveless sundress to pinch her nipples. Wearing no bra seemed out of character for a stripper but she did have an outfit in her bag consisting of one.

“What’s your friend up to Dom?” Natalie seemed concerned leaning her forearms on her side of the bar.

“Dunno yet. Let it play out.” He continued to hold a hand high to insist no one interfere. LouWanda bit his fake nail wishing it were he that Henry was pawing up. Felicia even flared her eyes at Henry’s wicked approach, a dampness escalating between her thighs.

“I’m playing out a scene for Frisque and you’re now a character. The people watching don’t know anything about me, but the big guy over there is a BDSM Master. My neighbor Kelly’s owner. I’m trying to learn how to act like a Master to get a good handle on the concept.” Henry mumbled as his hands squeezed her tits, her body reacting to his stimulation over her.

“I am yours…Master.” Svetty whispered, her Russian accent arousing as hell, “Use me like the whore that I am.”

“Pretty convincing there.”

“It is fact.”

“Damn! You’re good.” Releasing her tits he whips her around to face him them surrounds her throat as if a mental collar like Kelly Herbert wore at Dominic’s wishes. Dropping her bag to the floor Svetty goes full on puppet within his grasp. “LOOK AT ME!” He raised his voice, the tone of his outburst luring in every man at the bar to wonder what was going on. “ON YOUR KNEES.” She slipped low with his grip remaining intact until he had to let go to allow her to drop totally to the floor. Circling her he examines her dress seeing no zipper or buttons so improvises, “REMOVE YOUR DRESS.” Svetlana ponders the move praying Henry didn’t ruin her job prospect. Obeying him she reaches down and grips the skirt and pulls it up over her head and drops it next to her.

Circling her again she lowers her head and eyes, “HAND ME THE DRESS.” Lithe fingers offer it up to him. Holding it in his possession Henry looks to the bar, “MAKE AN OFFER ON THIS DRESS.” Dom winced at Henry with curiosity as to where this was going.

“Hundred bucks.” A loud feminine voice yelled out from the backroom. Leering the direction of the voice Henry, the entire club noticed a short tubby woman with humongous tits walking their way.

“Two hundred.” Dom chuckled providing competition against the dirty blond.

“Three.” A man at the bar took interest. Just seeing Svetty down to her G-string and heels he was invested. Svetlana was one sexy Russian.

“Four!” The busty woman upped the ante, her own eyes admiring Svetty’s perfect 36C’s and youthful pink nipples that were pierced. Yummy! Her mouth was watering.

“Five! Take it or leave it.” Dom countered. The other competitive man waved off in favor of using his cash as beer and stripper tips.

The woman frowned at Dominic flipping him off to an awaiting smirk. “Six if you throw in the G-string and heels. They might fit LouWanda there.” The cross dresser blowing the woman a kiss for her gift.

Henry mulled it over then stepped around to face Svetty. Reaching down to lift her chin he said, “Deliver them in person. CRAWL!” Svetty cursed under her breath because she liked her clothing choices but took the risk. Carefully Svetty turned and took to her hands and knees prowling back toward the middle aged blond standing near the stage area. Without looking directly at the woman Svetty found her by hearing, “Come to Momma.”

Reaching her with Henry returning to his seat next to Dom, Svetty wasn’t quite sure how to undress and remain on her hands and knees. The woman decided that for her. Kneeling behind Svetlana the woman removed Svetty’s heels and inhaled them. They didn’t smell that was a good sign. Setting the shoes aside she set about peeling the G-string over Svetty’s incredibly tight ass eying a sweet little butt pucker. Guiding the G-string further down her legs came the clam shake. “Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm! Very nice.”

With the G-string to Svetty’s knees she lifted one leg at a time allowing the woman to ease it off each leg until the tiny patch of cloth escaped her. The woman now in ownership of them stood up and sniffed them for all to see. After a deep inhalation the busty broad sighed, passing the garments to the ever faithful Lou, “BUT, CAN SHE DANCE?”

Henry clapped his hands twice then bellowed, “GET YOUR SEXY ASS ON STAGE.”

Climbing to her feet Svetty held her breath trying not to laugh at Henry in order to maintain his cover. Locating steps leading to the stage Svetlana made her way up and stood before everyone proud of her body, and enjoying the lustful eyes of all involved. The older woman took a seat along the front of the stage and wrapped Svetty’s G-string around her wrist, Lou standing next to her wanting them back. “Play some music Nag.”

Natalie behind the bar rolled her eyes then pointed at Dom for instigating the nickname amongst everyone, “Not her too. You’re an Asshole.” Dom merely chuckled. Going to a jukebox Natalie tries to decide what to play for the girl. Indecisive Henry joins her from behind and places his chin on her shoulder. “No country. I’m thinking old school metal. Motley Crue?”

“I think we have a couple of theirs.” She searches the menu for the band and finds Kickstart My Heart by Vince and the boys. Igniting it to the songs rumble of Harley’s then the instrumental Svetty smiled. Henry knew what she liked. Impressed she jumped right in and took the stage by storm. Her body was sleek and every muscle on her became a vessel of seduction. Fire in her eyes drew the men at the bar to join the woman at center stage peeling out cash to rifle bills up on stage at Svetty. Svetlana ignored the funds and rolled about on stage until she lay on her back right directly in front of the woman owning her panties. Fanning her legs wide Svetty slapped her clit then hid it from them, her fingers parting for a secretive peek then closing like scissors.

In the blink of an eye she rolled straight up and over to land on her front, tits pressed against the stage. Ass rising up over her for a gorgeous visual then twerking, no one truly saw the twerk outside of the horizon of her body, but they knew. Mirrors on the back wall helped.

Dom and Henry left the bar and just stood behind everyone watching her, arms folded as if twins. Dom was certainly impressed with Svetty’s moves. Spinning her body using the stage she whipped her strategies to now face away from the crowd gather. Now that twerking ass was proving to be her moneymaker. Twenties were flying in from every border. With the song dwindling she didn’t slow up for a second, suspecting a lead in to another tune. Sure enough in came Girls, Girls, Girls by the Crue. Rolling to her feet she paced the stage shaking her tits and lifting each breast to lick her areolas. With a blown kiss toward Henry she departed for the stripper pole, spinning violently, her hair whipping about for a wilderness savagery in her gaze. Dicks were trees in her forest, high and mighty.

Climbing the pole she hung upside down proving the strength of her legs and applied her hands to her tits jostling them about. Easing slowly down the pole like a spider on a strand of webbing she planted her hands on the floor to somersault her body into a splits, hopping her thighs up and down on the floor. To everyone’s surprise they saw her place a finger up under her pussy as if ready to ride a dick. Money wasted the second she gyrated up and down making it look as if she rode her handiwork. Truth told those fingers did get wet. Head tilting back to offer an appearance of moaning the room grew quiet. Echoes of the fantasy!

As fast as she did it she was up and gone. To her feet she danced from side to side covering the whole stage, then returned to her hands and knees fluidly. Hogging the edge of the stage she sat up on her knees and fanned her thighs for rare glimpses at pink paradise. Offering a sly grin to her audience she found money between clamped lips ready to be plucked away. Her breasts crushing around their cheeks she made out like a kissing bandit, essentially every man had the opportunity to kiss her cleavage while in hiding.

Dominic decided to join in on the new girls fun, edging in between the gathering of drunken swagger that was attempting to flirt. Planting his elbow on the edge of the stage as if arm wrestling Svetty spun around to face him, he holding up bills in his clenched fist. A lot of bills. Smiling at him she knew she was going to have to work for that cash. Uncertainty of the touching policy just went out the skylight, she moved in to place both legs to each side of his arm noting just how muscular he was. With her pussy less than an inch from his forearm she took her hands and stroked up and down his arm as if giving him a hand job. The result was pure praise.

Before Dom could offer her the money she wagged her finger at him to wait. Throwing her legs up and over her body she landed back on her tummy. Slithering toward his arm she lay her chin in her arms admiring the size of his arm as if a humongous dick, her playful eyes looking up toward his fist with awe and submissiveness. Easing closer she wags her tongue then licks his arm toward the elbow then flicked her tongue every inch up his poised arm as if it were the foreskin of his dick. At the fist she opened her mouth wide and hovered over the money. Clamping her teeth on the bills she attempted to take the cash. He wouldn’t release it to her.

Wincing at him she knew he expected more. Contorting once again to bring her legs back around his arm she slid her thighs closer to him. Laying back she gyrated her hips toward him as if being fucked. Seconds into it Dom lowered his forearm over her, his forearm laying right over her moist cunt and tossed the money across her tummy as if shooting his load. The bills went everywhere. Using her hands she rolled the cash all over her body as if relishing in his jizz. The crowd cheered at her performance.

Song ending the woman possessing Svetty’s G-string stood up and grabbed Svetty by her ankles and slid her right up to her while standing. Svetty writhed as if coming down from an orgasm and just lay there fondling herself everywhere that it counted. In a bold move the woman untangled Svetty’s panties from her wrist and began placing Svetty’s feet back into them. LouWanda was disappointed he wanted to wear them.

Guiding them up over Svetty’s legs meant hovering right over the Russian beauties cunt. Having to lift her hips to allow the woman to pull them over her thighs, her sweet smelling juices were a mere two inches from the woman’s mouth. Once the G-string was back in place over her pussy the woman lowered her face in and nuzzled the cloth. “I’m gonna miss you.” She told the panties.” Behind her a knuckle gnawing LouWanda waved goodbye to her former gift.

“YOU’RE HIRED! Start on Friday.” Flossy Taggart patted the girls leg without even hearing the girl say a word, then walked away to her office. “6:00 PM! DON’T BE LATE!”

Dom returning to Henry slapped him on the back, “You knew her already didn’t you?”

“That I do.” Henry wiggled his brows at the giant, then stepped away toward the stage. Svetty picking up her tips was giddy at having earned so much for two simple songs. Seeing Henry leaning his hands on the stage she crawled over to him and kissed him hard. Dom puckered in the background.

“Do I get my dress back…Master?” She winked upon tugging his lower lip.

“Long gone. Buy another with that money.”

To Henry’s side Natalie stepped up with more bank, “Here’s Flossy’s audition money. Good job. I think I’m in love.” Her finger however was indecisive as to whom her adoration was meant toward.

“I am taken.” Svetty kisses Henry again.

“I’m sure I could arrange something.” Henry caressed Nag’s cheek. Hoarse of course.

As Svetlana completed her task of collecting funds Felicia stepped up bringing Svetty her bag from the floor where she left it. Using her unworn dance clothes to wear home she put her money in the bag. Leather looked good on Svetty.

Eying his watch Henry returned to Dom. “Thoughts Big Guy?”

“Gimme your hand.” The bodybuilder growled raising his own hand as if holding a beer. Puzzled Henry raised his arm to poise his fist slightly opened. “Mirror my grip and touch fingertips to mine.” Henry nodded and did so until their fingers connected into a circle. “Kelly’s neck is within both our hands. Nothing changes, I own that critter, but when I’m not there to steal your thunder, own her. We both take care of her. Me financially, you emotionally. Deal?”


The circle broken a handshake took over. Behind Henry, Svetlana hugged him with sincerity. An unspoken bond linked he and her. Finally, breaking the handshake Dom called out, “BEER! I NEED BEER!” He left Henry to his girl.

“Thanks for…” Henry started to speak when Svetlana took him by the hands and brought them back to encompass her neck. He winced at her behavior, as well as her sweaty neckline. “Ummm? We still acting here?”

“You tell me…Master.” She stared without blinking. ” I share tips with you?”

“Nope! You earned every penny. Don’t make me look like your pimp.”

“You call, I come.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Walking out together Henry stopped being a gentleman. He was high on…HIGH!

Glancing over at the gym he spotted Dominic’s sister Serafina peering out at him beside the owner Kitty. She seemed almost jealous of Svetty in her leather dance outfit walking behind him. Henry swallowed dryly and stopped to turn to Svetty. Pulling her back to him facing the gym he holds Svetty by her throat as if to show off in front of Serafina. Kitty bulging her eyes turned tail and ran.

Serafina smiled at him then poised her own circled hands toward Henry as if claiming his throat. Henry shook his head negatively and whispered to Svetty. “See that girl in the gym window?”


“Wiggle your sweet ass over there and tell her to give you a free massage with a happy ending. MASTER’S ORDERS. Tell her that too.”

“She will not break me.” Svetlana hissed with pride.

“God I love your accent.” A slap to Svetty’s ass she stalked the bodybuilder. Serafina had to laugh. GAME ON!

Henry? He went home with sweaty palms.

“Look out Josie. Daddy’s home.”

As if hearing him in the distance his wife Josie McKellen paused in teaching her class and smiled. She didn’t understand why, but it felt promising.

Reflecting on her ordeal with Angus and Robin while sitting in Biology, Dakota McKellen pictured her Father. She knew she needed his guidance on what was to come. Knowing he had errands to run today she peered out the classroom window. She missed her Father.

“I wonder if Daddy is home?”

Nyet! Russian for not yet!

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