Sex With Bigfoot

My sister Gina is a 32 year old nurse. She works hard. She’s also a big fan of vacationing up at Big Bear. I was supposed to go with her. We both love camping, but something came up and I couldn’t go so she went on her on. I wanted her to wait a couple of days so I could go, but she decided to go ahead herself and maybe just wait up there for me to join her.

We both love the Big Bear area as well as camping up there. We’ve been going up there since we were young, camping, fishing, skiing… you name it.

There’s always been a rumor about Bigfoot around the Big Bear Lake area. We never really believed it, but hey… there’s been a lot of supposed sightings so maybe we’ve been wrong all that time.

My sister and I have a cabin near the lake. It’s beautiful. A cozy log cabin with two bedrooms… even though we only need one. Yeah… I fuck my sister all the time. I love her and her 36D jugs. My mouth, hands… and cock… can’t get enough of ’em… or her.

Gina decides to hit the sauna after she unpacks and gets settled. She throws on a towel… and nothing else… and heads out to the sauna. It’s nice and chilly up at the lake. 30 degrees and snowing. Her beautiful nipples could cut glass from being so hard as she quickly makes her way through the light snow and cold air into the hot sauna. She pours some water on the hot rocks, tosses the towel, and takes a seat, happily soaking in the hot air and steam, smiling from being so warm and cozy.

Sweat slowly rolls down her face, her tits, her tummy, and all around her already juicy cunt. She rubs her hard clit softly, smiling even wider from the pleasurable sensation. It throbs and vibrates as her fingers glide across it. Gina closes her eyes and gently bites her tongue as she manually manipulates her hooded pleasure point.

“Mmmmmmm… I need James’ cock. Damn… no cock around when I need one.” Gina keeps rubbing, her smooth and sweaty, curvy body quivering as she works her clit, sliding a finger up her dripping wet snatch as well. She twirls it around inside, tapping on her pulsating pink folds. She slowly licks her glossy lips, grinning all naughty and horny, fingering her pussy a little faster.

Gina hears a noise outside of the sauna. A bump. She opens her eyes and looks around, listening carefully for any more noises. She doesn’t hear anything else and brushes it off as a raccoon or something.

She gets back to the self pleasure, fingering her wet pussy even faster, her thumb rubbing back and forth across her thumping clit. Her big sweaty breasts heaving, her tongue licking those sensuous lips. Her clit tingles non stop, her pussy clamping down on her finger as she cums. All of that sweet pussy cream pumping out onto her finger, oozing out of her spasming pussy all over the wooden seat.

Gina bears another bump. A louder one than the first. She gets up, grabbing her towel, and tying it above her big breasts. She nervously opens the sauna door and looks outside. It’s evening so it’s almost dark. She doesn’t see anything at first so she walks out a little further… hearing another bumping sound, but still not seeing anything. She gets scared, but doesn’t panic. Gina assumes it’s a bear, but still can’t see anything. She grabs a flashlight from beside the sauna and carefully walks around to the back of the sauna, looking around, but hoping she doesn’t see anything… or at least a bear.

“Well… I don’t see anything anywhere. I must be hearing things or something. I really do need a cock I guess. Hahaha.” Gina relaxes and turns to walk back around to the front of the sauna.

All of a sudden she’s grabbed and pulled back into the woods. She screams, scared shirtless and not knowing what the fuck grabbed her.

“WHAT THE FUCK??? GIVE OFF OF MEEEEEEEEEEEE!! HELPPPPPPPPP!!” Gina punches and kicks at the entity holding her on the ground. It’s darker in the woods so she can’t make out what it is. She tires and stops kicking, breathing hard. She feels a strong breath… and sees a face moving in towards hers.

What the hell could it be? Gina’s scared and nude, her towel ripped from her body.

“OH MY GOD!!” It’s… Bigfoot. An actual Sasquatch creature. Well… I guess we were wrong all those years.

Gina looks at all, shaking and scared. It leans in, sniffing her. It growls LOUD, scaring Gina even more. She tries to remain as calm as possible not to startle the creature and make it mad.

It sticks out its extra long, wet to gue and licks her sweaty neck, obviously liking her taste. It licks her again, a soft, but strong roar emanating from it’s mouth.

Gina shivers, still scared and kinda freaked out, but still not wanting to make the situation worse.

Her eyes widen big time when the creature stands up and it’s giant Sasquatch cock sticks out. It must be about twenty inches long and thick. It hardens immediately, jumping and dripping a sticky clear fluid.

“Wow… what a cock! Holy fuck!” Gina’s scored, but in complete awe of the massive cock above her. It’s by far the biggest one she’s ever seen. She once fucked a patient at the hospital with a thirteen inch cock. She wanted it all in her wide ass, but couldn’t fit it in. This one is much longer and even thicker… and a Bigfoot dick. It’s pink and brown and thicker than her forearm. She starts licking her lips and smiling, thinking real naughty thoughts about it.

Gina sits up and sticks out her tongue as the giant hairy brown creature stand menacingly above her, growling and snorting non stop. She catches a dollop of fluid as it drips off of the tip of the literal monster cock. She gulps it down, licking her lips clean. “God… that’s delicious.” Gina devours the monster cock, bobbing her head on it as she sucks it off, her tongue swiping across the underside of the shaft as she sucks it down her throat.

Bigfoot roars, banging his chest, a huge grin of his hairy monster face. It’s obviously enjoying my very sexy sister’s mouth on it’s massive monster dick.

The giant, actual monster cock explodes down Gina’s throat, pumping a gallon of thick cream right down her quick gulping gullet. Gina moans happily and rinks it all down, massaging the giant hairy monster nuts as she drinks every drop of monster sperm that massive dick pumps out.

Bigfoot roars real loud, banging it’s chest in victory, the grabs Gina and flips her over on her hands and knees. She fucking loves rough sex so she smiles with pure delight as Bigfoot kneels down and slams its almost two foot long cock into her squirting pussy. She started cumming just from the though of that monster cock fucking her senseless.

Bigfoot grows and roars non stop as it roughly pussy slams my sister through three more huge orgasms. It keeps slamming into it over and over, tightly holding her hips as it uses her pussy for a fuck toy.

Bigfoot ass fucks Gina too, drooling all over her. She’s on her back, smiling happily down at that massive hair monster dick ass fucking her. Only about half of it goes in her wide, but tight ass, but she can’t stop squirting, splattering the monster with all of that super sweet, milky pussy jizz.

Bigfoot rams it’s giant dick down Gina’s very welcoming throat and cums again, feeding her all of that wild monster jizz, growling and roaring louder than ever, banging it’s massive chest even harder than before.

Bigfoot stands up and starts pissing right into Gina’s open mouth. She smiles wide and drinks the massive flood of warm monster piss, loving the salty strong taste.

When it finishes pissing, Bigfoot starts to run off, still roaring insanely loud. “Will I see you later?” Gina asks the monster, covered in piss and cum and smiling with naughty, taboo delight. Bigfoot looks back at her and winks, then runs off banging it’s chest and growling like the huge monster it is.

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