It had been a hot and muggy Summer day, followed by a hot and muggy Summer night. I’d agreed to baby-sit for the Kowalski’s, something that I’d been regretting. Mind you, the regrets didn’t really start until I’d arrive at their place to find that the air-conditioner in their unit had broken down. Sure the repairman was coming to fix it the next day, but that didn’t help me, did it?

Now while I was dressed for a hot day that was for being outside on a hot day. You know how it goes. A light flirty skirt and a peasant blouse, the blouse loose enough to let the air circulate, cooling my sweating body. Outdoors, it did that. Indoors, I sweltered. Sure the Kowalski’s had a portable fan. I’d put that in the kids bedroom to cool them off so they could sleep. Then I’d sort of flopped on a couch and wished the parents were home. I even took of my bra, I was sweltering that much.

The Kowalski’s returned and I grabbed my money and headed for the door. I swear, the hallway outside their unit was ten degrees cooler than inside their unit. The lift arrived and I hopped in, finding the temperature dropping another ten degrees. I was now quite comfortable. My car was parked in the basement and the car’s AC worked and when I reached home my own AC worked. Heat was now a thing of the past.

There were two men in the lift. They were both about thirty, average looking, I guess, casually dressed. They looked at me with interest when I entered, which surprised me a little. Sure, boys look at me, but normally boys my own age, not older men. Not that they were that much older.

“You’re Kylie, aren’t you?” one of the men said.

“Ah, yes,” I said, feeling a little cautious.

“Thought so,” he said. “I’ve seen you around a couple of times. You do baby-sitting jobs, right?”

I nodded.

“I’m Dennis. This is Paul. It just occurred to me that you can help us out.”

Well, I was always on the lookout for more jobs, but these two didn’t strike me as men who required a baby-sitter.

“Oh?” I said, very non-committal.

“First, how old are you? We need an adult, for legal reasons.”

“That’s not a problem. I’m nineteen. Nearly twenty.”

“I assume that you’re just on your way home having just finished a job?”

I nodded again. “Yes. With the Kowalski’s. I’m sure they’d give you a reference if you want one.”

“Not required. I was just making sure you’d finished for the night and were now free. We’d like you to come back up to our unit and entertain us for an hour or so. We’ll pay well, and in advance.”

He mentioned how well and I was shocked. That was a damn sight more than I’d ever get for baby-sitting.

Ah, I should say that I was shocked. Shocked! They were trying to hire me for an hour or so and it wasn’t for sitting with any baby.

“What the hell makes you think I’d do anything like that?” I demanded.

To my surprise Dennis reached out, both hands, and bounced my breasts. When he took his hands away my breasts just bounced a bit of their own accord. I’d totally forgotten that I’d taken my bra off.

“What did you do that for?” I demanded, blushing, a hand on my breasts to encourage them to stay still.

“Just answering your question,” Dennis said, smiling. “I saw how nicely you bounced when you stepped into the lift and I immediately though how nice it would be to see them bouncing about while you straddled me and did your own bouncing. I bet Paul thought the same.”

“Damn right,” was Paul’s contribution to the conversation.

“Anyway, what do you say? You’ll have all this nice extra money for an hour or so of your time and you should also be able to enjoy a bit of fun and games. No-one would ever know but us three.”

“No,” I said, shaking my head. “I couldn’t.”

Dennis calmly put a hand up the front of my blouse and cupped a breast, which he first rubbed and then set swaying from side to side.

I looked down at my wobbling breast, hearing him talk at the same time.

“I really think you can,” he said softly. “Watch.”

This time he simply lifted the front of my skirt and rubbed his knuckles against my mons before stepping back again.

“You can,” he said, still speaking softly. “You really can.”

I felt rather helpless. Go with two men and let them have some fun with me? I mean, it just wasn’t me. I was slowly shaking my head and the lift had finally stopped in the basement carpark. Damn slow lifts should be illegal. They couldn’t have propositioned me in a fast one. No time for it.

“Still not certain, uh? Tell you what. I’ll show you that you really want to come upstairs with us.”

I was thinking that would be a fine trick if he could manage it when he lifted up my skirt again. That done he just pulled my panties down, all the way to my ankles, tapping my ankles so I’d lift my feet, letting him take them right off.

“See?” he said, my panties dangling from his hand. “You want to but feel you shouldn’t. Now which hand do you want?”

He held up his hands, my panties in one, the money he mentioned in the other. I swallowed nervously and took the money.

The lift went back up and I was feeling as nervous as a kitten, expecting them to start pawing me at any moment. All they did, though, was talk to me. That is, Dennis talked to me, Paul stayed mute. We arrived at their unit and they ushered me in.

“Would you like a drink?” Dennis asked, and I shook my head.

“No thanks. I am driving later.”

“Good point. Anyway, why don’t you sit here and tell me about yourself.”

Seeing that this was something I could do without taking off any clothes I did as he suggested. I will say that man was smooth. He got me talking, about myself, about what I wanted in the future, about my baby-sitting and some of the silly things that happen when you do it.

I barely noticed when his hand initially went up inside my peasant blouse to cup my breasts, teasing the nipples to life as he idly played with them. I was slightly more aware of his other hand when it went under my skirt and started stroking me. I was acutely aware that I had no panties and I had to work at not reacting when his hand closed over my vulva.

Who was I kidding? Of course I was reacting. I mean, his hand was touching me down there, touching me most intimately. I should have been objecting and getting the hell out of that apartment, but somehow or other he was keeping me talking.

There was a sudden hiccup in what I was saying when he moved my hand and I found it closing around his erection. Things became a lot more real at that point. What can I say? While I had my skirt and my blouse on I could at least pretend that this was only petting and going nowhere, but his erection wasn’t safely hidden in his trousers. It was right out there in the open with my hand wrapped around it.

He reached for me and urged me to stand and I just knew he was about to take off the rest of my clothes. I was yay close to panicking when he pulled me back down to sit on his lap. He’d lifted my skirt up a little while I sat, letting it drop around me afterwards. The reason for that I abruptly determined was so that his erection wouldn’t get snagged on the skirt. That erection was now rearing up between my legs and I could feel the heat of it against my lips.

“Lift yourself a little,” he murmured and I turned my head to look at him.


He smiled and made an upwards movement with his hand.

“Lift yourself a little,” he repeated, and I did so in a very nervous state.

I could feel his hand down there, adjusting his position, and then he was telling me to sit again. As soon as I started to settle back down I could feel him pushing against me, then into me. I continued to settle down on his lap and his cock continued to rise up into me, and then I was sitting, neatly spiked on his cock.

We just stayed like that for a while, and then I felt the pressure as he pushed more firmly against me, and then relaxed. He repeated that a couple of times and I found I was starting to move with him, pushing down upon him when he pressed up, moving up and away when he relaxed. Within a minute or so I was surprised to find I was bouncing up and down on his cock and enjoying it immensely. I’d never done it like this before and it was exciting. I looked fully dressed but I was getting energetically fucked despite that.

His hands were back inside my blouse, lightly covering my breasts. I say lightly because I was willing to swear that he was holding his hands just a fraction away from them, letting their natural bounce rub them against him.

After a minute or so his hands dropped away again.

“Top off now,” he said softly in my ear.

He caught hold of it and lifted. Like a good little girl I just lifted my hands and let him take it. I was now treated to the spectacle of my breasts bobbing up and down while I continued to bounce, with them always trying to play catch-up to the direction I was moving. Once again his hands came round and this time he was holding them quite firmly, massaging them as we continued on our merry way.

I don’t know how much longer we continued doing it. Really, it’s not as though anyone times this sort of thing. At least, I don’t. If other people have funny little quirks like that I don’t care. What I did care about was that I could tell things were building up for a finish. For me, anyway. I had no way to tell how Dennis was going.

Then I was gasping and shaking as my climax hit me, ignoring everything as it just swept through me, shaking me to my core. I slowly came down from my high, Dennis still feeling huge inside me. He lifted me off him and onto my feet, managing to deftly remove my skirt while doing so, resulting with me standing there naked.

“You were marvellous,” he told me. “Absolutely wonderful. Now I want you to stand with your feet a little bit further apart and to bend over with your hands on your knees.”

I gave him a confused look but he just smiled and urged me into the position he wanted.

“Now don’t turn your head,” he told me.

I felt hands on my hips and gave a surprised little yelp.

“Don’t worry. It’s just Paul. He’s very shy and can’t bear to have a girl look at him. Just relax and go with him.”

I have to admit that I’d completely forgotten about Paul. Now that he was standing behind me I was suddenly very much aware of him. For a start, I was naked and bent over, presenting myself to him. I’m quite sure my face was bright red from embarrassment.

For someone who was too shy to have a girl look at him he sure didn’t show any shyness in the way he presented his cock to me. I felt a light touch on my lips and the next thing I knew he was driving in with a full-blooded stroke, his hands clamped onto my hips to ensure that he didn’t knock me flying when he slapped home.

From that start he commenced to rocking, sliding in and out with gusto. He did move his grip from my hips to my breasts, holding them tight while he continued to plunge into me, only to withdraw so he could thrust in once more.

While he was having his fun all I could do was stand there, bracing myself. I was willing to bet that if I’d tried to move with him I’d have lost my balance and fallen to the floor. That was something I wasn’t willing to risk. Consider the chances and the results. If I fell forward then he’d probably fall on top of me and would possibly rupture something in me he’d hit so hard, especially connected the way we were. If I fell backwards then oh boy! He’d probably fall back as well, with me landing right on his ripe fruit, possibly destroying them. So – I just stood there, taking his cock the way he wanted to give it.

For all he wanted to use what I considered an odd position Paul certainly knew what he was doing with that cock of his. It turned out he had quite a deft touch with his hands as well, as they were teasing my breasts using the same rhythm that his cock was using. Slowly but surely he was raising me up towards another climax.

Then it wasn’t slow but sure, suddenly rushing upon me, steamrollering right over me, with me helpless to deny it. This time I did have the sense that Paul was climaxing right along with me, the way he was jerking about against me was indicative of that.

Dennis directed me to the bathroom so I could get cleaned up a little and after doing so I came out clutching a towel. Paul had vanished again, but Dennis was waiting, smiling. He reached out, plucked the towel out of my fingers, and tossed it to one side, while he looked me over, actually indicating that he wanted me to turn around so that he could see all of me. I gave him an irritated look but did a slow pirouette.

“If it’s all the same to you I’ll get dressed and go now,” I said, giving him a sweet smile.

He smiled back in a charming manner and said, “It’s not all the same to me. I haven’t had my fun yet.”

“What?” What was he on about? What did he think had happened earlier?

“True. The first time was for you, the second was for Paul, and now it’s my turn.”

“What do you mean the first time was for me?” I demanded.

“You were all nervous and jumpy and just a little scared, so I thought a friendly bit of slap and tickle would calm you down, which it did. Now, however. . .”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Do I look as though I’m kidding,” he asked with a laugh, dropping his trousers, and I had to admit that what he was now displaying showed serious intent.

Even as I was looking at what he was offering me he was taking my arm and guiding me down onto the rug on the floor. A very comfortable rug but not one I particularly wanted to lie on right now. Ha. Like I had a choice.

He laid me on my back and, taking hold of my ankles, he lifted my legs high, parting them while he did so. I was bent so far over I was now looking at things I’d never normally see. It’s surprising how supple the human body is. It surprised me, anyway.

He was looming over me, his shoulders keeping my legs up out of his way, and I was just staring at my body while his cock was hovering over my pussy. I didn’t give a damn if I’d just had sex. There’s a big difference between having sex and just feeling that cock enter you and lying back looking at a cock as it positions itself. The stupid thing looked a lot bigger than I remembered, and I couldn’t help wondering if it had grown.

He pushed forward and his cock just pushed my lips aside and started descending into me. I was going wo-wo-wo-wo-woh as he sank into me, finding it hard to believe that something that size would actually be able to fit inside me. Logically I was being silly. He’d stuck it in me before. Logic didn’t come into play when watching a cock invade your precious body.

It didn’t help that he was laughing at my reactions. It wasn’t funny.

He sank all the way into me and ok, I have to admit, it didn’t really feel any different from before. It was just the way he was doing it that was making me nervous.

Now that he’d started he got to work with a vengeance and things were a lot different to what they’d been before. His hands were on my breasts, but much more aggressively, and his cock was plunging in hard and fast before pulling almost all the way out. That was totally different to me sitting on his lap, bouncing up and down. I doubt that the strokes he made then were more than half the length of what he was doing now. That was probably because I was controlling it earlier, at least to a certain extent.

Now it was all him, with me having to work hard to keep up with him. He’d come driving in, his groin finishing up slapping against mine quite noisily, while I was pushing up to me him and saying something along the lines of, “Argh,” or “wow,” or “fucking hell, what are you doing to me?”

I’m not a fool. Dennis was so horny and eager it was obvious that he hadn’t climaxed earlier. Probably deliberately. However, he would have got all worked up and been damned near a climax, even if he had been able to hold back. Now that he was getting going again he was starting from a higher starting point, which meant he wouldn’t take all that long to reach a climax.

After a while I was quite sure he was holding off on his climax deliberately. He was just banging away, thrusting in time after time with this big smile on his face, thoroughly enjoying himself. Fine and dandy for him but I wanted to go home sometime tonight.

It took me a while to catch on and I wasn’t sure what gave me the clue, but it dawned on me that the rotten man wasn’t just delaying his own climax, but deliberately delaying mine. Fine, if he didn’t want to shoot his load that was his choice, but he had no right to interfere with my climax. That was just plain mean.

“Whatever you’re doing, will you just stop it?” I demanded.

“It’s called sex,” he said.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it. You – you’re doing something, and I don’t know what, but I want you to stop it.”

“Um, not very lucid,” he said. “Maybe this sort of thing is distracting your thought processes.”

The ‘this’ he referred to was him giving an extra hard thrust, practically bouncing me off the floor from the reaction.

“Just – just do it, damn you,” I snapped at him and he laughed again.

“How Nike of you,” he said, to my utter confusion, but I felt a subtle change to what he was doing to me. I hadn’t really caught on that he’d been using a slightly erratic rhythm but I noticed as soon as he smoothed it out. Just like that my arousal was climbing at a great rate, and my third climax for the night was coming my way.

This time I could see that he was having his climax from the way his cock started shuddering in me, while my own climax ripped through me, the best of the night as far as I was concerned.

This time I took my clothes with me when I went to clean up, returning fully dressed. (Nearly fully dressed. Dennis was still holding my panties and didn’t want to give them back. He’d give them back next time, he said. There wasn’t going to be a next time and he didn’t know my number.)

I departed, heading homeward at long last. It had been a long and rather unusual night. Certainly not something I would want to make my career, but very profitable for a once off.

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