Submissive Girl Gets Fucked

I have always been submissive and I was taught this in high school by a much older man who taught me the joys of submission. But after he left my life for various reasons, there was no way for me to find another person or persons to dominate me, sexually.

I’m a skinny, wall flower nerdy kid with good grades alone in a HUGE university in the Midwest and being from a small southern town I was petrified. I’m not a FratRat type, but I do like to drink while I play online Video games. I don’t work out and I’m non violent outside of gaming. I’m not into most sports, but I have been a swimmer In high school and did very well in that. Good enough for this full ride scholarship.

I’m not a virgin. I’d fucked a girl all through high school. Rich little slut. I’d gotten good at licking cunt. I’d say I was as dominant with women as was possible given my circumstances.

Guys. I’d been seduced by a family friend. Long before I lost my Cherry to a girl I’d been a willing slut to a much older man who’d carefully groomed me and gained my trust and the trust of those who cared for me. Being fatherless, I loved the attention. Nothing violent. All he wanted was to suck my balls dry. He’d pick me up from high school and take me to a movie or for a soda and slice of pizza. I loved when he’d quietly order me to “take it out.” Right in the car! In traffic, I’d unzip my pants and haul my cock out for him to fondle. Later, still in the car or maybe in his apartment he’d suck my cock until I exploded. Over and over and over. I was literally “cum on tap.” And I could cum three times in an hour. All day long.

But then I got to older and he lost interest. I went off to college on my swimming scholarship. I really wanted to find someone to sexually use me. I wanted to be forced to suck cock or eat cunt or even take it up my ass. I just didn’t have any idea how to find that.

I studied hard in school. Lived in the dorm. Stayed alone, Ignored the Fraternity Rush and ROTC and all that. I studied very hard. My days and nights were at the school library. And I was being watched.

One evening I was checking out a reference book and the student at the checkout desk (a serious jock, heavily muscled) and a looked at me, licked his lips and asked:

“Well, where’ve YOU been all my life?”

I looked at him and (after glancing around quietly) pursed my lips and blew him a kiss. His eyebrows shot up and he looked shocked.

I was having a lot of trouble in just one class: Biology. Couldn’t understand why I had a “D.” Made an appointment to meet with the professor . The only available time was 10:00 pm! Damn. When I arrived at the office it was dark. I knocked on the office door. When It opened, the senior from the library desk was staring at me. Like the cat about to eat the canary. I stepped inside and he shut the door. I was dimly aware of a figure seated deeper in the office. Suddenly the jock grabbed me and shoved me against the wall. He locked my arms above my head, easily. Then he KISSED me hard and deep. I panicked and struggled a moment and something else took over and I melted into his grip with a moan and a whimper. The jock released me and called over his shoulder: “Little slut has potential!” The seated figure told the jock what to do. I was given a sheet of paper and told to be at a specific address at a specific time. I was then shoved back out of the door. No “conference.”

All week I agonized over going. In the end, I thought I had no choice. So I showed up at the time and place.

It was a very old home and very classy in a sedate way. I followed instructions and stepped inside the foyer.

There was a paper waiting for me. I was instructed to strip naked, look up and smile for the camera. I did.

The door popped open and I hesitantly stepped into a large warm and cozy room, with a roaring fireplace.

Seated in a semicircle were all my professors. One of whom was a female of middle age, dressed in a well fitted pants suit with high heeled boots. She Looked evil. I was frightened and unbelievably turned on. The voice of my biology professor brought me to the center of the room. Naked. I was rock hard.

“Well young sir! It seems that after reviewing your records you are FAILING ALL OF YOUR COURSES!”

“Not possible,” I sputtered.

My professor replied: “That was before we understood your potential and your needs.”

He continued: “If you PERFORM to our standards and obey orders exactly, you will be rewarded with excellent grades and recommendations from the faculty.”

“Each day, you will be required to report to the residence of a professor where you will perhaps be required to perform sexually for us and in return you will receive top academic honors. You won’t even have to attend class.”

I was plainly trapped and I was plainly excited out of my mind. All I could do was nod. Those gathered laughed.

At this point I was peppered with questions regarding my sexual proclivities. I answered honestly. I admitted I liked rough sex when I was with a girl and I was in charge. I admitted to being a sub with much older men. The woman walked up to me with an imperious manner. She grabbed my hard cock and locked eyes with me.

“This belongs to US now. No more fucking anybody unless we approve.” My knees buckled and I sank to the floor and kissed her boots. She chuckled.

Another professor chortled and said that this is all good but what about TONIGHT? I shuddered. My Biology Professor spoke

“Since this new SLUT still knows Rodney I think they should play out their initial scene. When you interact in the future with other people you will always be wearing a leather hood to prevent others from knowing your identity and possibly blackmailing you in the future. Your hood will still allow you to use your mouth to full effect. Oh and you will wear a narrow leather collar at all times 24/7 to remind you of your status. Rodney will be your handler and he will have full access to You and you will do whatever he says whenever he says.”

Rodney walks up to me and asks me if I remember our first exchange? I nod, timidly. He laughs out loud and grabs me by my long fine blonde hair and yanks me to my knees facing him. He leers at me and commands me to suck his cock. I’ve got no choice, its obvious. I kneel and open my mouth. He slams his rock hard cock into my mouth and I lick all around it as the hardness stuffs my mouth. I’m gagging but the throbbing cock mutes this. I am helpless and I love the feeling of being dominated. His cock saws in and out of my mouth as I drool profusely. As I am having my mouth used, the reality of the situation hits me and I begin to moan. The woman applauds and the men moan as they furiously jerk their own cocks. The woman stares at the men as they pant. They’re getting off on her watching as well.

Rodney pulls his wet cock from my mouth and proceeds to Dick-Whip my face. He stares into my upturned eyes and speaks To me: “Cock-slut. Whore, you’re going to love drinking my cum and I’m going to feed it to you often and soon you’ll beg to be used. You’ve got a nice piece of boy meat on you, too. Since you’re here in a swimming scholarship I guess you’ll have To have your body shaved smooth. That’s good. I think we’ll have to get you some nice girly panties and maybe some stockings. Also some six inch high heels to show off your slut ass to the most benefit. The assembled perverts all clapped happily. One of the men piped up with “Get him a nice ball gag, too!” I moaned even louder as the cock was back in my mouth.

Rodney pulled his meat from my lips and made me crawl on hands and knees from man to man, to worship each cock. The woman had stripped off her pantsuit and now she knelt on the couch her magnificent ass jutting out. She looked Over her shoulder and said: “You’re not going full sissy. I will bring hottest cheerleaders and sorority girls to my house and you will worship and service THEM for my pleasure. So RAM that meat Into my cunt, now!”

I stood, got behind her and my cock slid in right to my balls. It was like dipping into molten lava. I was amazed. I hammered that cunt like a pile driver and she came, screaming. After, she got dressed and smirked that she’d see me at her place the following Friday. She left. I hadn’t cum.

I was made to kneel again and the men all clustered around me. Their cocks were swollen as one after another they hosed my face with their cum. It splattered all over me and dripped off onto my chest. When they were spent, the men all collapsed into various chairs and one of them poured the rest beers. As they sipped, Rodney still hard not having cum with the others used his hand to scoop the cum off my face and lube his massive nine inch cock. I knew what was coming and it excited me.

He lay on the floor, legs spread and aimed at his bosses as they were riveted by the sheer lewdness of what was happening. Rodney made me lower myself onto his throbbing meat. I cried more as it pierced my tight tender anal ring. He began to smack my ass cheeks with the palms of his hands as he continued his barrage of filth. “You might get some fine CUNT at her place, but never forget you’re a faggot slut and your mouth WILL be used and so will your boi pussy just like now. Because you love Being treated like this, don’t you? DON’T YOU?” He roared. I was impaled by his monster cock, crying hot tears, and as I did so, I blubbered that I did love the domination and abuse. Then something strange happened.

As Rodney was now hammering my tight hole, and I was gushing my feelings of liking my enslavement my cock began to drool without my even touching it. Soon it was erupting and my eyes rolled back in my head as I couldn’t believe the volume and intensity of my orgasm.

The men gasped and Rodney, reacting To the sudden clenching of my anus came inside me. I felt his eruption fill me up with hot cream and I fainted.

When I came to, I was fully dressed, back in my private dorm room, in bed. I thought it must have been a dream. Then I was aware that my ass ached and was oozing. I looked into the mirror and saw my face was caked in dried cum. It had been real! I spotted a note on my desk. It was from Rodney. It read: “slut, you did very well last night. Follow my orders and everything will be fine. Your first date is Monday. I’ll drive you there and back. Before that, though, we’ll have to go into town and get you some proper outfits. Be outside at noon tomorrow.” It was going to be a long but incredibly satisfying year.

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