Surprise Sex

Surprise Sex


“I wonder what’s so important that he told me to drop everything and meet him,” said Luna to herself as she sped down the highway.

He sounded so hectic, so erratic, so… unlike him, she thought.

“Didn’t even give me the address, just told me to head this direction and call back in 20 minutes,” she said aloud, full of nervous energy.

You see, Sol, as her man was called, was just that to her; her soul. And she was his heart.

The love they had for each other went well beyond words. They had a way of communicating their love for one another with just a look. And whenever they did have physical contact… BOOM!

She was TNT and he was a lit match! They’d be together in public, in a sea full of people and only have eyes for each other. It was as if nobody else existed. He’d disappear from her sight and her heart would skip a beat.

“Lookin’ for someone ma’am?” His smooth baritone voice would wash over her, starting her fuse to flare. He’d very slowly, very discreetly run his hand over her behind while walking around her.

“Easy sweetie, easy,” he’d say, noticing her having trouble keeping her breathing under control. Color would creep into her cheeks and small moans would build in her throat.

“Breathe baby, breathe,” he’d say looking into her eyes… into her soul.

Right before she would lose control and grab him, he’d put distance between them.. teasing.

She’d find some excuse to excuse herself from whatever was going on. She knew that if she stayed close to him that she was going to rip his pants off, drop down to her knees and make him beg her to stop.

No matter who was around… no matter where they were.

She didn’t always say it. Didn’t need to. He could see it in her eyes. But whenever they’d steal a moment together, he couldn’t keep his hands off her.

In those times, he was the gas and she was the flame. They’d set each other ablaze! They didn’t need to be purely physical either.

They’d talk for hours about everything and nothing. Nothing was off limits. No topic strange or taboo.

This was the love they had for each other.

And now her love had called her in a panic, asked her location, told her to head in a certain direction and call him back. “Please Lord, let everything be okay with my husband,” she prayed.

“I can’t wait till she gets here,” Sol said with an evil grin on his face. Surprise, surprise!

See, Sol was at a fancy hotel, with all kinds of goodies, waiting.

Satin sheets the color of red wine adorned the bed. There was a bucket with two bottles of wine being iced on the dresser.

He had tea candles arranged to display “S L ∞” on another dresser.

There were scented candles that put you in the mind of an island getaway. There was a Bunsen burner, complete with a beaker filled with a thick clear liquid being warmed on the counter.

He had a matching red wine-colored silk scarf resting on one of the satin covered pillows.

Beside the bed was a suitcase. A bottle of Strawberry Nesquik, two long feathers, a plastic container of sliced mangos, a couple of Hershey’s Cookies and Cream candy bar, a bottle of women’s shampoo that smelled of fruits and berries, a couple of plush oversized towels embroidered with “Mi Amor” on them, a pair of fuzzy red slippers, two matching terry cloth robes, a bottle of bubble bath, a couple other items and one rubber ducky were all inside.

Yes, the little yellow plastic duck that squeaks when you squeeze it. He was well prepared!

“Why isn’t he picking up his phone?” Luna thought afraid.

“Hello, baby where you at?” Sol breathed heavily into his phone.

Is he out of breath? Has he been running? Luna thought trying to dissect the situation. “Baby what’s wrong?” Talk to me, please,” she pleaded.

“Can’t really talk now… come to the… uh, uh, Three Stallions. Yeah, I’ll hide there till you get close. Gotta go I love you.”


Hide till I get close??? WTF!! All types of scenarios were going through her head. None of them good.

She increased her speed and gripped the steering wheel harder. Hold on baby, mama’s comin’!

“Should be any minute,” Sol thought as he saw her car hook slide into a parking spot.

“If it’s meant to be, it’ll be, it’ll be. Baby just let it be,” sang Bebe Rehxa and Florida Georgia Line as his phone rang.

“Baby I’m here. What now?”

“Come to 1212. I’m watching you now. Door’s already unlocked. Don’t turn the lights on,” Sol said in a serious tone.

“And baby, bring my black gym bag from your trunk.”

Oh shit! she thought. The black gym bag was an item that only left the trunk for emergencies or to get restocked.

Two changes of clothing for them both, undergarments, soap, deodorant, $500 in cash, and a first aid kit were inside, along with a butterfly knife. Oh shit!

I quickly hang up, grab the bag, pocket the butterfly knife, just in case, and go to the room. Sure enough, it’s unlocked.

I enter, close and lock the door, close the curtain, which was parted just enough to see out of, turn around and… nothing!

You know how you can feel when a room’s empty? That’s the feeling I got now.

“Baby, where you at?”


“Aahh,” I shriek, then cover my mouth. Scared the hell out of me though. “Baby where you at? I’m in the…”

“Shh! I just had to make sure you weren’t followed,” he says, and my heart does a flip.

WTF! “Whatever it is, we gone deal with it together baby. Please let me come to you.” I try to keep the panic out of my voice, but words come out jumbled together.

“I’m right next door in room 1213. Hurry!”

I snatch up the bag and head next door. Before I can grab the doorknob, it opens, and Sol snatches me inside.

“Shh.” He places a hand over my mouth and quickly locks the door.

I look him up and down for bruises and… is that Hawaiian Breeze I smell? I look around him, see the candles, the sheets and then I’m pissed!

“You mutha…” I start but his mouth covers mine and he pulls me into a crushing embrace. All of my circuits are crossed!

When we part, I’m out of breath and the raging inferno I had about his trickery, has become a different kind of fire inside me. I try once more to protest, but here come those lips again!

My knees buckle, and if he weren’t holding me so tightly, I’d fall. When we part this time, I’m his and he knows it. Sneaky bastard! Damn, I love this man!

Got her! That dreamy, far away look is what I’m after. If I let her hands go, she’d float up to the ceiling right now.

“Honey, I’m sorry about the subterfuge, but I wanted this to be a night you’d never forget. Do you forgive me?” I confess with a softer, gentler kiss to slow things down.

She was getting that wild tigress look in her eyes and was about to pounce. “Mi amor, bienvenido al cuarto de placer,” I slip into Spanish inviting my love to the pleasure room.

“Antes que sales, tu va recibir varias formas de placer. Sigueme por favor,” I say taking the tigress by the paw, beginning our journey of pleasure in the bathroom.

“Senora, de este punto Adelante, ropas no son permitidos.”

I knew she wouldn’t understand completely when I told her that clothes weren’t allowed anymore, so when she cocked her head and said, “Otro vez por favor,” asking me to repeat, I simply pulled her into another breath stealing kiss and whispered, “No more clothes.”

I couldn’t get those clothes off quick enough!

“Ahem,” he cleared his throat and held his hand out. I knew what he wanted, so I reached up to take the black rubber band out of my hair, letting it fall free. He prefers my hair loose and tousled. Says it makes me look wild.

Anything for my Sol.

He opens the door to the bathroom and… is that Kenny G? “Yes,” he says reading my mind, “That’s Kenny G.”

A bouquet of long-stemmed pink roses sits in a vase of water on the counter. Tea candles are lit, a steaming hot bubble bath has been drawn, and Kenny G playing the sax!

Damn he’s good!

He leads me into the tub with a soft kiss on the cheek. I step into the tub slowly, giving Sol a glimpse of just how ready I am.

I know he can see the creamy white seeping out at the entrance to my cave of wonders. When I look back at him I see that my plan has worked.

His eyes are locked onto my cookie like a starving child in a bakery. I lower myself into the water and the warmth instantly floods my body with relaxation and I close my eyes and let out a low moan.

I feel something slowly, gently, seductively circling my chest, I reach up hoping it’s what I think it is. I’m ready. I lick my lips, lean towards the source and see… a rubber ducky.

“To keep you company while I go grab a few things real quick. Ducky be good. That’s the wife. This isn’t like college,” he says and I can’t help but laugh.

“So Ducky, what did yall do in college?” I ask and squeeze.


The look on her face when she saw Ducky! Priceless.

That was just to cool things down a bit. I plan on dragging this out!

I return with a metal tray with a bowl of sliced mangos, two flutes, the bucket with the iced wine and a de-thorned short stem, single red rose in my mouth.

I kneel down and set the tray atop the toilet seat. I take the rose and rub it slowly along the tip of her ear, coming down her neck.

Her eyes close and I tell her, “Abrete las ojos mami. “

She opens them and parts her lips as I lean down… to grab Ducky.

“I’m back now so he’s not needed anymore,” I say and toss Ducky over my shoulder.


“Yeah, well screw you too buddy!” I play yell at Ducky. She laughs.

That’s right, cool back down.

I grab the red rose again and remove the petals one by one, placing them into the already rose scented bubby water.

With that done I grab a slice of mango, look her in the eyes, then eat it. Then I eat another. And another. And another.

“Really?” she asks.

“What? You thought this was for you? Girl, I got hungry as hell waitin’ on you to get here. They good too baby,” I say as I slowly bring another slice towards my mouth, just as expected, she shoots her hand out and grabs my arm.

Slowly she redirects my hands pre-programmed destination and reroutes the mango to her succulent mouth.

Slowly and with all the patience I could muster, I put the mango in my mouth and eat out of my lovers hand.

While still holding his arm I say, “You’ve got mango juice dripping down your fingers. I’ll get it.”

Look Sol in the eyes, suck his fingers seductively, make him lose control and give me the release my body craves.

That was the plan.

What happened was… I start sucking his finger expertly.

So much so in fact that I really get into it and…

“Ohh!” I didn’t notice his other hand in the water until he touched the master control switch.

“Ohh!” I screamed over and over, pulling his arms closer to my volcano, waiting for Mount St. Helens to blow!

Then he stopped!


“Not just yet mi amor. Paciencia, ” he said.

The hell with patience, I want a release!

“Trust me, mi amor, paciencia y anticipacion takes the climax to a whole different nivel,” he said switching back to Spanish.

I heard guys get blue balls.

Hell, I’ve given it to him before, but what do ladies get… blue walls? OMG!

He pours a glass of wine and tells me to bebelo, so I drink it.

“Uno mas ,” he says, and I gulp down another.

He pours both glasses full, swallows one, sits the other back on the tray and whispers, “Cierrate los ojos mi amor.”

I close them and feel his hand moving around in the water again.

“Keep them closed,” he says, and I feel warm water crown my head. What?

“Dejame banarte,” he says.

Wow! He wants to bathe me.

He pulls out a bottle of shampoo out of thin air and squeezes some in my hair.

He starts lathering my hair and I feel like a little four-year-old girl at bath time again.

My hair is washed and rinsed, then I receive a quick kiss for being such a good girl.

I’m a show his ass good girl!

The tables will turn once we get to that bed!

He washes my face, rinses, then looks me in the eyes before he goes any further.

The look in his eyes tells me that he gonna do something real nasty to me, just not yet.

He looks me in the eyes as he gently washes my body. Every square inch!

There were a couple times I let myself get a lil’ worked up, but each time he’d tell me, “Calmate mi amor. It’s just a bath, nada mas.”

He’s got me so worked up I can’t tell which way is up.

Finally, after thirty minutes of sweet, sweet torture he pulls me out of the bath, ensures that my body is dried, my hair combed, then passes me a robe and slippers to put on.

The other glass of wine is placed in my hand and I down it in one swallow.

Before we leave the bathroom, he asks me if I trust him.

I say yes, of course, and he hands me a silk scarf. “Good,” he says…

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