It had been a protracted Winter, wetter than usual, keeping me out of the yard until late Spring. Today was one of the first truly nice days when I could get out and fix up some of the damage the weather had visited in the yard. The sun was beautiful and at first, it felt good, but by the end of the day, I was starting to remember why I hated yard work in the sun. Soaked with sweat, smelling like a locker room, the dirt and grime just seemed to have been drawn to me. I was a mess!

*Sigh*. We’re going to a party tonight for Beth, our good friend’s daughter, who is graduating. I wonder if there was some way out of it? No, our friends would be hurt if we begged off and Rob and I have both been looking forward to the party. It was a date night for us.

Beth had been adopted at the age of 5 when her parents abandoned her. No one knew where they went but that was the last anyone saw either of them. Tony and Joan both loved children and immediately petitioned to take Beth once they heard of the girl’s plight. The process wasn’t simple and for a while, they didn’t think they were going to get her but in the end, Beth became their daughter and the light of their lives. It wasn’t all smooth sailing though. The emotional impact of being abandoned haunted her for years.

Rob and I met them a few years after the adoption and became close friends. It was impossible to not love Beth, her spirit rekindled in the love of her parents, she was irresistible. Not infrequently we had spent a weekend day or evening together with all of us playing games or going out to an event. They felt more like family than friends.

Picking up my tools, I loaded up the wheelbarrow and put it next to the back door. I’m not finished and tomorrow is another free day for me so I’ll be back working in the garden. It will be different though, Rob is off and will be here with me. A smile crosses my lips, thinking about how a miserable task like yard work in the sun changes so much with the addition of someone you love.

For a moment I looked around, appreciating my hard work. It felt good to see the change and I anticipated what Rob would say. He’s good about that, the appreciation, and I felt the tingling anticipation for what I hope will come. Ugh, I needed that shower in more ways than one but there is no time for play or we’d be late. Rob would be home soon and I need to get ready.

The house was quiet, other than the music streaming from the Bluetooth speaker on the patio table. I love to listen, sometimes losing myself in it. My thoughts drifted to last night and I felt my panties start to dampen… “Yes, music makes many things better,” I chuckled.

Picking up both my phone and speaker, I entered through the slider and headed for the bedroom. I love that new shower head and I’m going to take advantage of its powerful massage for my aching shoulders. Having installed it recently, remembering the chats with Rob as I shopped for it, I feel that tingle again and the little smile returns. “Damn it, stop that,” I admonish myself, “or you’re never going to be ready on time.”

Turning on the shower, I strip off. My clothes all go straight into the hamper, my panties right on top. Smirking, I wonder if Rob will discover them. I love to wind him up a little and he can never resist a fresh pair.

Entering the water spray, I again am thankful for that purchase… sooo good. Eyes closed, I move so the spray walks over my back and shoulders, loosening up the tightness from being hunched over the flower beds. It feels good. The only thing that would make it better is…


I’d entered the house, looking for MK. Tonight was a big deal. Beth had worked so hard to claw her way back up into good grades. For years she struggled with the loss of her parents but Tony and Joan were relentless in the love they gave her. It was a foregone conclusion, she succeeded, but it was hard and for all that, the success was sweeter.

We met Tony and Joan a little over ten years ago when Beth was just 8. It was like we were fated to be a family. Beth was almost like a daughter to us. Now, she had been accepted into the Architecture program at Cornell, following in her Dad’s footsteps. Her parents could not be prouder of her and the party tonight was in celebration of all she had accomplished.

At the front door, I could hear the music and I knew that MK would be where the music was. Following it back to our bedroom and then to the master bath, I could see her lithe form through the frosted glass. It was not hard to imagine my wife’s sexy body behind the glass. Her arms raised, washing her hair, causing her breasts to jut out begging for attention.

As I stripped off, moving to put my clothes in the hamper, I saw them. They were on top, a gift to me, they had to be. Her panties looked soaked. My breathing quickened and I reached out and took them. They are wet. Bringing them to my nose my nostrils fared as I breathed in. My cock stiffened as I smelled her. So good. The little minx is fucking with me now.

Naked, I moved to the shower and slid the door open soundlessly. My cock hard, nothing but need and desire in my mind.


As the water pounded my back, lips touched mine and I jolted back to reality, my eyes flying open. Oh God, it’s Rob, feeling my nipples harden and a throbbing start between my legs. “You scared the Hell out of me!” I laughed.

“Not the effect I was hoping for,” Rob grinned in return, as his arms encircled me and his body pressed to mine.

“Mmmm,” was all I could get out as his erection pressed against my stomach. How does he do that, make me clench and my stomach flip?

Inwardly I was a mess. All I could think about is getting that hard cock inside me. Outwardly, I was the seductress, hooded eyes, and oozing sex appeal. My breasts caressed his chest as I moved, rubbing on him, eliciting just the response I wanted.

“MK, if you keep that up, you won’t be leaving this shower!” he growled.

That growl made me vibrate. His eyes were predatory with desire. If we didn’t leave soon, he was right, we’d not be getting out of the shower.

“Go!” I chided. I have to get clean and it’s never happening if you are in here with me. As much as I want to give in, we owe Beth more than that.” Watching the conflicting thoughts play out across his face, I smirk and wrap a hand around his hard shaft. “Be a good boy, it will pay off later,” I coo. Teasing him is so much fun.

Pulling me tightly against him, he pressed his lips to my ear, “Next time you leave a pair of fresh panties for me to find, you’re not getting away without being fucked!” As quickly as that started, he spun away and left the shower, leaving me sputtering. ‘Fuck,’ I thought, ‘just come back and take me…’

After a few moments, my brain kicked in again, overriding my loins. ‘I need to get ready.’


“Damn, tonight’s going to be hard,” I muttered to myself. Drying quickly, I tried thinking of anything unpleasant to make my erection subside. If we just had a half-hour more, I’d jump back in the shower and teach my teasing little wife a lesson.

The idea made me smirk. How many times has MK done this and “gotten her lesson”? She knows me too well and always seems to make sure we’re not boring. How did I get so lucky and have her pick me? One thing I know, I’m punching way above my class with her.

I notice MK’s clothes laid out and ready, a western-style jean skirt that falls mid-thigh (well almost), a white lacy top closed by mother of pearl snaps down the front, and her red Nocona boots. “Damn it, she’s not going to make my life easy tonight,” I chuckle. I love to see her dressed up. Maybe it’s because it was so fun undressing her.

Shaking my head, I pick out my clothes, some comfortable Wrangler jeans, a white button-down, and my black Tony Lama boots, to compliment her western look. As I dress, my semi-hard cock now down the right leg of my boxers, I know tonight is going to be a challenge. MK always knows how to wind me up. The last thing we need is me sporting a boner around Beth and her friends. I just need to keep it under control for the next few hours.

I can hear the hairdryer running and know she’ll be out soon. One thing with her, none of this “3 hours to get ready nonsense” that many beautiful women seem to have. She can pull it all together in a fraction of the time others need.

Stepping out, I pour each of us a glass of red wine, returning to find her just clasping her white lacy bra and wearing matching panties. ‘Fuck!’ I’m hard again and straining at my jeans. All I can do is stare. MK in sexy lingerie never gets old.


I can hear him returning and position myself so he has the best view of my bottom. Pretending I don’t know he’s there, I arch a little as I’m reaching behind myself to fasten my bra. He’s staring at my ass, I know. I love teasing him and it always pays off. I smile thinking about what will happen later.

Glancing over my shoulder, I ‘discover’ him staring at me, wine glasses in his hands, and a very hard cock in his pants. “Oh, Rob, is that for me?” I ask, innocently, my eyes shifting from his hands to crotch then back to his eyes. Turning to take a glass, I see his eyes play across my body and linger on my breasts. His breathing quickens and I know I’m near that line where the teasing stops and he simply takes what he wants. I feel the wetness as my body gets ready.

“You look nice, lover,” I purr.

He sighs, eyes close, “Come on, we can’t do this. It’s important to Beth.”

“I know. I just can’t help it. Teasing you is too much fun,” I reply. In truth, I’m nearly out of control as well but I’ll never admit it.

Quietly turning, he leaves, glass in hand. “We need to leave in 15 minutes and I’d better wait in the living room.”


Sitting on the sofa, I sipped my wine, thinking, ‘I’m never going to make it through tonight. I should have just pinned her in the shower. I’m definitely going to punish her for being such a tease.’ Smiling. ‘Turnabout is fair play,’ I think to myself.

10 min after I left our bedroom, my wife was at the front door waiting, looking radiant.

“All ready?”

She winks, “Always.”

“Ugh, stop it!” I groan, “You are such a tease.” This just elicited a more devious smirk. ‘Damn it, definitely not making it through this night,’ I think. “Let’s go, Tony and Joan will think we’re standing them up. I’ve already loaded up the gifts and food we’re taking. That is if you think you can behave for a few hours?”

That elicited the wounded-bird look. I chuckled and walked around MK to the truck. “We’re taking mine tonight.”

“All the better,” she says, somehow not quite masking the mischievous half-smile. “I do love your bench seat and having my hands free.”

My ’68 Ford F100 pickup had seen plenty of action over the years. MK loved a little risk, finding a place to park, and putting the big bench seat to good use. One of the very few changes from stock that I had allowed was upholstering the seat in high-quality leather. MK just loved being pinned between me and that soft leather.


Sliding a hand up his leg, I stopped just short of what I could already see was the beginning of an erection. Wiggling in closer, as much as my seat belt would allow, I’m just enjoying being close. Tonight is going to be a lot of fun.

It wasn’t far to Joan and Tony’s place, only about 15 mins. Not far enough for me to really tease him. Sighing inwardly, time to behave. Almost before I knew it we were there. Placing a soft kiss on Rob’s cheek, I unbuckle and slide out, grabbing the food and leaving the presents for Rob to bring. We’d cooked a nice chili and made a 7 layer dip. Joan, Tony, and Beth had eaten them many times before and both were a big hit.

Rob was bringing in the gifts. We kind of went all out and she’s going to be surprised, though it was all OK’d by her folks. They knew how attached we were to Beth and never complained about our overindulgence. As I reached the door, it flew open and Beth grinned as she took the pot of chili from me. “I’m so glad to see you. Thanks for coming!” she almost exploded. “You’re the first ones here.”

Setting the pot down she looked inside. “Oh, YES! Your famous firehouse chili. Thank you! What’s in the other one?”

“Your favorite 7 layer dip, of course!” smiling in reply, and earning me a big kiss on the cheek. It was good to see Beth so happy. She’d worked hard for this day.

As quickly as that, Beth scurried off as Rob came in the front door with a couple of gifts in his arms. It had taken him a few extra minutes to come inside, his pants now showing no indication of his earlier predicament. ‘We’ll see how long that lasts,’ I thought to myself.

Beth’s excitement was infectious. She was almost vibrating as she helped Rob put the gifts with the others, trying to clandestinely shake and feel each for a clue.

My attention was pulled away from the scene by a warm embrace from behind. “It’s good to see you, MK,” Joan cooed. “I think Beth is going to self combust if she gets any more excited. It means a lot to her that you both are here.”

“You know we’d not miss this for the world. We love Beth like she was our own.”

“Tony and I know that, as does Beth. I also know that the two of you pulled strings to get her into that Architecture program. I don’t know how you did it but, thank you! It’s all Beth talks about these days.”

“Hey now. Where’s mine?” Rob teased as he approached, winking at Joan.

A snort escaped my grinning lips, “Watch out Joan, he’s been a real octopus today. We may need a taser to pry you free!”

Rob gave her a bear hug, lifting her off her feet and planting a big smooch on her cheek, rendering an “Eeek” from a grinning Joan.

“Pffft, I warned you. You’re on your own Joan,” turning to find Tony out cooking on the BBQ. As usual at Joan and Tony’s parties, he was at the grill, burning flesh in a most delightful way. “Mmmm, that smells great Tony. It’s a good thing you don’t have more parties or I’d need a new wardrobe!”

“Hey MK, good to see you. I heard that squeal from Joan and knew you guys must be here,” he laughed. “Come give me mine,” he said turning toward me, spreading his arms wide in invitation.

I stepped into his embrace and he did his best to remove my ability to breathe, getting a similar squeak out of me, then kissing me sloppily on the cheek. The goofball, he and Rob made a game out of making squeaky toys out of us. To be perfectly honest, we both loved it. The boys would now debate who got the best squeak. They thought we didn’t know about their antics but it amused the hell out of both Joan and me.

Heading inside, I passed Rob on his way out, already talking to Tony about who won. “Play nice, hon. I’m going to help Joan.”


“You know, Rob, the girls fix the squeal contests, don’t you?” he chuckled.

“Yeah, but it’s still fun! Just don’t let on that we know so we get to keep doing it,” I say with an admittedly goofy grin on my face.

“Right, let’s finish up the meat then we can go and enjoy the party,” Tony says, slapping on some fresh burgers, dogs, and steaks. Most of the cooking was already done so after one more set being finished, we grabbed the platters and headed inside.

A few of Beth’s friends had come and they were all in the living room with drinks, talking about the Summer’s plans. Beth had scored an internship at the Architecture firm I work at, which had helped her application at Cornell. Her grades got her a 50% ride scholarship. We were all so proud of her. Cornell was a prestigious university for Architecture and her degree would be well viewed by the firms which would be competing to hire her in 4 years. I just hope our firm is the one she chooses.

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like without Beth in our lives. When Tony and Joan decided to adopt her, it changed everything. For the last 10 years, she had been an integral part of not only Joan and Tony’s but also MK and my lives.

We found the girls in the kitchen laying out the last of the food on the table. With our offering, the meal was complete and we called everyone to come and get it. The kids (I say kids but at 18 they are certainly not children) were never shy and piled into the kitchen and loaded up plates and bowls. Yeah, bowls. MK’s firehouse chili was a recurring hit and not to be missed. Once the kids had their first plates, we lowly adults made our first pass and retired to the deck to give the kids some space.

“Wow, it’s really hard to believe Beth has graduated and is off to Uni soon,” I said.

“You’re telling us,” frowned Joan. “It’s going to be rough around here without her.” Eliciting a tight but short hug from Tony. “I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do. It’s been 13 years since we were alone here,” sniffing and trying to hold back tears.

Beth had completely and utterly changed Joan and Tony’s lives. They were both amazing people but life had not been kind to them and they were unable to conceive. The ‘why’ doesn’t matter but it very nearly tore them apart. They both desperately wanted, really needed, to be parents. No one would have wished Beth’s problems on her but the timing was perfect for Joan and Tony. It had saved them and in that, they had saved her. I don’t know if I believe in fate but if it exists certainly this was it.

“We’ll see her as often as we can,” chimed in Tony. “It’s not that far by commuter flight, just a couple hours.”

“I know, it’s just hard. I’m going to need a lot of Tony-time,” Joan smirked, pepping up a bit at the thought.

Snaking a hand under her skirt for a goose, Tony got a startled shriek from Joan, who narrowed her eyes and tried to look unhappy… failing miserably.

“Ok you two, eat!” directed MK. “We need to get Beth opening presents soon because they are all going to want to go out and celebrate without the old-fogies, and we have some of our own celebrating to do,” she said glancing at Rob.

While we ate and visited, we could hear the kids inside, enjoying their time together. It was a good day with a great reason to celebrate but there was a sense of loss. Like the last day of vacation when you know reality is coming the next day, you wish you could make the day last forever but can’t. Time marches on and Beth is growing up and leaving.

Beth and company were out, before long, helping to clean up. I think someone was anxious to get to the gifts. With so many hands, everything was done in 15 minutes and we were all in the living room. It was a tight fit for all of us but the kids didn’t seem to mind squeezing into the seating together and frankly neither did we. MK and I took one chair, her on my lap. The kids were on the sectional and floor, while Joan had the other chair. Beth was on the hearth where her gifts were stacked and Tony had his camera out like usual, recording the memories.

“Hold on, I’ll be right back,” Tony said, stepping out the back door. A few minutes later he returned, handing Joan a small wrapped box the size of a deck of cards, sharing a conspiratorial smirk before turning their attention to their daughter.

“Okay honey, have fun. What are you opening first?” asked Joan.

All the kids vied for theirs to be first and Beth worked through them, which were all thoughtful and fun things for her to have at Cornell. The highlight was a cool messenger bag that was just her style. Beth cooed her appreciation for each gift, hugging the gifter.

Smiling, I said, “I think that brings you to ours, Beth.”

Beth grinned and picked up the first of two, tearing back the paper to see the Dell logo. Getting excited, she ripped off the paper quickly, uncovering the XPS 15 notebook, popular with Architecture students. “Thank you so much, I really needed this!” gushed Beth. Reaching for the second present the paper didn’t last long, uncovering an XP-Pen digital drawing tablet. “This is so cool. Thank you,” said Beth and she crossed the space and hugged both of us in one massive squeeze.

“We love you, Beth, and we’re so proud of you and how much you’ve accomplished,” MK said.

I had lost the ability to speak with two women piled on top of me but I hugged both hard. Truth be told, my voice may have failed me anyway so I was getting out of trying to talk. MK and I were going to miss Beth, almost as much as Tony and Joan will.

“Okay, you three. It’s our turn,” Joan said. “I’m afraid it’s a tad small compared to what you just opened!”

“Oh Mom, I’m sure whatever you and Dad got is perfect,” replied Beth as she accepted the small deck-of-cards-shaped box. “Hmm,” she murmured. “What would fit in this box?” Inspecting its weight, a little shake, nothing came to mind about what it could be. Slowly tearing back the edge of the paper, a plain flat box with a lid was uncovered. No writing or other indication of what may be inside.

Lifting the lid off, the contents were concealed by some gold tissue paper. Almost reverently Beth peeled it back and … SQUEALED, “Oh my! Oh my god!” as she lifted out a set of keys and key fob. Running to the front door, she threw it open and just froze. There parked where her old tired 2000 Corolla had been was a shiny silver Rav4.

Dropping almost like a stone, Beth plunked down onto the front step, tears rolling down her face as she stared at the new vehicle. Joan and Tony sat down on either side and put their arms around her.

“We love you and are so proud of you Beth,” Joan said. “You’ve worked so hard and we know you will do great in life. Dry those tears and go take it for a spin.

Tony wiped her tears with his sleeve and kissed her forehead. “We couldn’t have asked for a better daughter. Now go have some fun.”


After the kids piled into Beth’s new car and left, we started working on doing the same. “Thank you for sharing your daughter with us. We can’t tell you how much it means to us to be part of her and your lives.”

“She loves you almost like second parents,” replied Joan, “Part of her success is due to the love and support from you both.”

Hugging Joan hard, then Tony, I waited for Rob to finish the same before I started pulling him toward the door. There was no mistaking my motives and Joan teased, “Watch out Rob, I think you’re in over your head!”

Laughing, Rob replied, “I’m sure you’re right Joan. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, call Search and Rescue!”, then relented to being dragged out the door.

Once in the truck, I poked him in the ribs, “There won’t be enough of you to find, buddy, after making me sit on that hard thing for the entire present event! You’ve got me hornier than a bunny on X.”

“Just the way I like you, dear,” wagging his eyebrows, “you know what I’ll be doing as soon as we get home!”

Groaning, my hand slid into his lap, finding his very hard cock. He’s been hard all of the time I was on his lap and I’m not waiting any longer. Making short work of his belt and pants, I had his cock out in seconds.

“Whoa there! We’ve only got 10 min to get home,” he sputtered.

“Long enough! I want what’s mine. You’ve been poking me all afternoon,” dropping my mouth over his cock and sliding to the root in one motion, swirling my tongue around and sucking as I took him in.

“Uugggh, I won’t last, you naughty girl!”

“Mmmmmhmmmm…” I replied with my mouth full. I intend to ensure I get what I want before we get home. Pulling up and then dropping back onto him, I snaked my hand into his trousers and around his balls, caressing as I continued up and down. I knew there was no way he’d last, considering how long he’d been hard with me rubbing my butt on him.

“Damn, I love it when you do that! Fuck… I’m going to cum.”

Sealing my lips tightly to his cock, I sucked harder, pumping up and down. Seconds later, he pulsed in my mouth, his warm sticky cum coating the back of my mouth. “Mmmmm,” I groaned, increasing the vibration and stimulation to his spasming cock, swallowing as he ejaculated.

His pulses slowed and stopped, as I continued sucking him, lightening the pressure as I knew he’d be sensitive after he came. When his cock started to soften I pulled back, licking and sucking as I went, cleaning him and savoring every drop. I love it when he cums in my mouth, almost as much as when he’s deep inside me. There is something about me being in control that makes me love getting him off in my mouth.

Pulling off his cock, I put it back and fastened his pants and belt. “Baby, that was yummy,” smirking as I looked at him. His hands were tight on the wheel, I could see white on his knuckles. Looking around I realized we were almost home, about to pull into the driveway. Good timing!


“Ugh, you are so going to get it!” I growled. “Teasing me all morning then grinding your sexy ass on me all afternoon. You better run because when I catch you, I’m taking what I want.”

As we came to a stop in our driveway, she took the warning to heart and bolted for the house, squealing. The door lock slowed her down enough that I was on her as she went through the door, my hands grasping her upper arms and pulling her back into me. Kicking the door close behind me, my arms encircled her as my mouth found her neck, closing in a sucking bite as I let out a low growl.

Her resistance melted and a moan escaped her lips. “Now you’re mine, MK,” I breathed in her ear. Turning her around my lips moved to hers and we kissed, open mouths and tongues met instantly, needfully. That need moved us, still kissing toward the bedroom. There was no way this was going to be a quick romp and that king-sized bed was where it was going to happen.

She started to strip off when we entered the bedroom, kicking off her boots, but I caught her hands before she could start on her clothes, “Don’t even think about it. You’re mine. I’m unwrapping you.” Thankfully her Western top had snap closures so I simply ripped it open, leaving her looking surprised at first, quickly becoming lusty. Peeling the blouse off her, I hooked my thumbs in the waist of her skirt and pulled it down. There was enough give in the waist that I pulled it over her hips, exposing her fully in that sexy lingerie that she had teased me with this morning.

“Bed!” I ordered, giving her a little push, sending her bum back to bounce on the mattress. Knowing exactly what I wanted, she skittered back to the middle of the bed as I stripped. Fuck, my clothes were a lot harder to get off and my patience was near zero. Never losing eye contact with her, I could see her nostrils flaring as she was breathing hard. She took my edge off with that blowjob but she was wound tight as a spring and I was going to make sure she came hard.

“Strip. Slowly. Show me what I’m getting tonight.” She nearly concealed the little smirk that crossed her lips.

Most people don’t know that my strong, intelligent, kind-hearted wife has a submissive streak that she needs to be scratched from time to time. Most of the time it stays put away but today she wanted to be controlled, owned. It’s why she had spent so much time teasing me. She was making sure that I would take control, take her, own her.

Reaching back she unclasped her lacy bra. Watching the material relax as she kept the cups against herself, I waited for her to let it fall away. She’s watching me I know, without looking up to check, loving the rapt attention I’m giving her, working me up so that I’ll pounce on her. I had no intention of disappointing her.

Slowly she pulled the bra away, displaying her breasts, nipples tight pink knots surrounded by crinkled areola. “Mmmmmgg,” I breathed, glancing up at her eyes, seeing her looking at my cock with hunger.

“Panties,” a soft demand, still watching her eyes. Finally looking up, her hands dropped to the waistband of her lacy panties. I could see how soaked it was, being white, plastered to her mons. Slowly she pulled them down, the sodden material resisting a little then pulling away, exposing her to me fully. There is not one centimeter of this woman that I do not crave.

Crawling slowly, eyes on hers, I moved up between her legs and she spread as I neared her, anticipating what was coming. Her thighs silky smooth and inviting I placed kisses every few inches, switching from leg to leg. I could smell her now, hot and wet. I was close and she was trembling. Looking away from her eyes, I dipped my head down, almost touching her sex and inhaled, enjoying my wife’s scent. She teases me sometimes, that maybe I enjoy having my mouth on her more than my cock in her. It’s a close call. I’ve never known a woman who smelled and tasted as good as she does. I’m incredibly lucky.

With my hands behind her knees, I lift her legs up and apart, placing her heels on my back, rolling her hips back so I have full access to her. Beautiful. Open and ready for me.

No more teasing, lowering my mouth I lick her with a flat soft tongue from the bottom to the top of her sex, sending a shiver through her. “Mmmmm, don’t move.” I know her well, what she likes, what teases her. Another soft lick up her lips, ensuring my tongue dips into her drenched hole, collecting her dew. Then kisses across her plump mound and over her clit, brushing it with the tip of my tongue as I kiss it, causing her to jerk as the little bolt of sensation fires into her.

Over and over, I cycle through kissing and licking her, keeping the contact with her clit to a light brush and kiss. She’s so close I have to be ready to catch her offering.

At her limit she moves, her hands on my head, wanting connection with me. She’s close. It’s her signal for me to change it up and go after her clit. My lips close around it and suck lightly, tongue sliding over the tip. Her body goes rigid arching up off the mattress. Dropping my mouth to the opening of her sweet sex, I cover it fully, suck and lick, while one thumb moves to her clit to stroke it lightly and fast. It puts her over the top, moaning loudly, spasming and gushing into my hungry mouth. Darting my tongue in and out of her, I get everything I can, lightening up my petting of her clit. She’s going to be super sensitive but I want to keep this going as long as possible until she pushes me off. It feels like many long minutes before she drops back and wiggles away from me, “No more, please.” I take one last soft, flat tongue lick of her, enjoying the aftermath.

Leaving a trail of soft kisses up her belly and over her chest, my lips reach her mouth and I kiss her. Knowing that she’ll be out of it for a bit, I rolled us to our sides, pulling her firmly to me, caressing her back, feeling her body against mine. I love this time after she has cum hard and isn’t functional. She feels vulnerable, in my care. I love this woman so much.

I think I dozed off, but when MK moved, I was fully aware again. She was looking at me, her head on my chest, tipped back so she could see me but stay in contact with as much of me as she could. “Hi.”

She smiled in return, “Hi.”

“Would you like something to drink? I’m going to get myself some water.”

“My blueberry/pineapple blend that is in the fridge, please,” her eyes twinkled at me.

“Mmmk, be right back.”

Her eyes were closed when I returned, looking completely peaceful as she relaxed in the middle of our bed. I was in my bare feet and she didn’t hear me, giving me time to watch her and appreciate how lucky I am. Why this amazing woman picked me I don’t think I’ll ever understand but pick me she did and my heart is completely and utterly hers. I must have either taken too much time or maybe I made some sound because her eyes flicked open and she smiled at me.

Sometimes when she looks at me like that, I simply can’t move. For a moment, I was lost, not remembering what I was doing, simply looking into her eyes. Then, she laughed at me and I was free from whatever spell she cast. Her nose was scrunched up, eyes crinkled, and a warm laugh came freely. It made my heart feel like it might expand past my chest.

“Ok, ok, you caught me,” I countered with a sheepish grin.

“Oh? I caught you? I hope this isn’t a catch and release season!” she jibed.

“Nope, this is a catch and you’re stuck with me forever season,” I countered as I set our drinks on the nightstand. Leaning over, my lips met hers and we kissed softly, lingering for a while. My eyes closed, simply enjoying the intimate touch. As we parted, I opened my eyes and looked into hers. She had that look, the one when I know that she is the most important thing in the world to me. The one where I want to do anything I can for her.

“Mmmm, come here, you.” Pulling on me, I offered no resistance and dropped onto my hands and knees on the bed. Her arms went around my neck more insistently tugging at me, bringing me down to her.

“Do you just think you can manhandle me however you want to?” I retorted, feigning displeasure.

The mirth in her voice melted me, “Womanhandle, for your information, and yes I do.” Her lips pressed to mine and all my pretend resistance melted away as I leaned into her, our lips parting as they met, tongues sliding together as only well-rehearsed lovers do. There was nothing unknown to us. Years of love and companionship had honed our connection. We are comfortable in a way that is not boring but instead safe and warm.

The oral play was fun but we both needed more tonight. The day was one long build-up to us being together, from the moment I came home until now. Spending the day around our friends and seeing Beth, growing up and getting ready to move on, made us emotional, needing to be close. Beth leaving was going to be nearly as hard on us as it would be on Joan and Tony, with the next few years seeing all of us making trips to visit her regularly. But tonight was for us.

Pulling back, looking into her eyes, I saw her love and desire but also her hope. Brushing my lips across hers, then lowering them to her ear, “How long has it been?”

I felt her draw in a quick breath, then say, “Long enough. The timing is right.”

Kissing her ear, with no more than a whisper I breathed, “Good, you’re going to be so sexy when you’re pregnant.”

Our lips met again as we both shifted to mesh fully, enjoying the feeling of how we touched. My hands found hers and our fingers laced then slid higher, above her head. She loves this submission, though she is anything but weak. Only in these times between us did she want it, feeling the act of giving herself to my control. In truth, she is the strongest of us with years of training in Muay Thai but I enjoyed giving this to her.

Her body is quiet, eyes watching, ready for my lead. I can see the need and know what she wants. Leaning close to her lips, our eyes stay on each other, just before our lips touch, I growl, “Mine.”

Through long practice and familiarity, my cock speared into her, groaning as she was filled. More than ready, after a full day of foreplay, she is slippery and swollen. The sensations of being inside her like this are nearly overwhelming. Resting more weight on our hands, pinning her at three points, I begin to stroke in and out of her hot wet sex. Neither of us is going to last very long, even with the oral. This day has ensured that.

“Please,” more cry than ask. She had waited for this day for most of the last year.

“Soon. You know what I want.”

Our mouths came back together and the kiss was hungry. Her hips sped up, rocking and grinding her clit against my pubic bone, keeping me as deep as possible. Our bodies hardly part as we couple, both needing as much contact as we can get. Tonight means more. We need more.

Her tremors started, the sign she was getting close. Feeling it nearly put me over.

Moving my mouth to her neck, she turned to give me access. She’s sensitive here and I kissed and sucked, firmly. Her groan said I was on the mark. Her hip movements were more frantic, opening my mouth, my teeth contacted her delicate flesh, causing her to hold her head very still as I bit her softly, ‘holding’ her by the throat.

The effect was nearly instant as she exploded, writhing under and against me, flooding my cock with her juices. I wanted this to last but there was no way. Releasing her neck I groaned loudly, pressed tightly against her sex, and erupted spurt after spurt deep inside her.

She went wild, legs closed around me pulling as hard as she could, trying to get me deeper as she squirmed and ground against me. Releasing her hands, her arms mirrored her legs, squeezing me. My face nuzzled into her neck and I kissed her as we both rode out our orgasms.

Slowly her movements calmed and her grip on me relaxed into a lover’s embrace, gentle but she did not let me go. “I love you so much,” she said, her head back totally limp other than her wrapped around me.

“I love you too,” I replied as I gently rolled off and to her side, pulling her over with me, laying half sprawled on me with my arms around her.

Simply enjoying the closeness we spent long minutes not moving or speaking. Both of us are going to be sore tomorrow but it’s a decedent type of pain, reminding us of what caused it.

Finally, she broke the silence, “I hope…”

“Me too…” I felt her tears on my chest and I hugged her closer. I knew it wasn’t anything bad, just overwhelming. “Shhh, sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

Pulling the blankets over us, we both dropped off quickly.


The sunlight streaming in the bedroom window woke me. I’ve always loved the morning when the light is clear and the day fresh. Still early, the birds are singing, celebrating a new day. Closing my eyes, relaxing, enjoying the familiarity and comfort of our bed, I stretched languidly.

Remembering, Beth’s party was so much fun and she was so happy. Later, our time alone was everything I expected, after the long slow tease of the day. I love his reaction to me and making sure I got what I needed as he took what he needed from me.

Looking to my left, Rob is still asleep. He’s fully gray now, our life together long and happy. So many good years and good memories between us. The dream about the party was incredibly vivid, though it happened decades ago. Tony and Joan had grandchildren now. Beth works at the firm Rob retired from, making him exceptionally proud. Our children were grown with families of their own, successful and happy.

Rolling over, I embraced my sleeping husband, squeezing him hard. He’s solid in my arms, familiar but exciting still. I felt the tears well up, thinking about how lucky we were, how wonderful our children are. We had conceived that night, or soon after. We chose to believe it was then. I had been off the pill for a month and it was the start of my fertile time.

His eyes opened, taking a moment to register what and where, then showing concern as he looked at me, reaching up to brush a tear from my cheek with his thumb, “Is everything alright MK? Are you OK?”

miling, I leaned in to kiss his hand softly, “Just perfect, love. Just perfect.”


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