World of Warcraft Sex With A Dragon

Sex with a Dragon


Eloria’s head spun, the barmaid in the arms of the dragon, who carried the elf as easily as if she was a babe. She whimpered softly, turning her face, trembling, into his neck, though that would not do to hide the stains of tears lingering there, as much as she may have liked to wipe them from existence. The past was not so easy to hide but at least things had not gone as badly as they would have otherwise been destined to — that was if Angelos had not been there.

The dragon was tall, the difference between them in size comical if he had not just taken her from the clutches of Tane, a scrawny brute of a shrew who had had her backed into a corner, seeing her as nothing more than a piece of meat, something to be snapped up and taken against her will. He’d heard Eloria’s screams, even though Angelos had not known that they had belonged to her, barrelling in, scattering the men, though Eloria had already been on the floor, a bruise rising to her cheek, tears behind the pain and humiliation of it all. In her hand had been a small dagger and he admired her strength in fighting back even though it would not have done her any good against six men.

That, at least, had not come to pass, the dragon that she had spent so much time talking to at the bar, interested in his silver scales, how they glittered and dulled in different lights, fascinated by his horns. He’d even let her touch the membrane of his wings at one point, a spark of electricity flowing between them, although they had not acted on it then. Angelos was no stranger to lust and yet he had not pushed things in that direction, wondering and waiting, wanting something more, something, perhaps, where he got to trail his fingers through her long, golden locks of hair in turn for allowing her to touch his wings.

He wanted to be close to her. Yet such a delicate flower as her was apt to be crushed easily. Thus, care and sweetness were to be held lightly in his claws.

Angelos grunted softly, adjusting the weight of the elf woman against his chest as gently as he could, not wanting to jostle her. His heart pounded, yet all was right with her in his arms, though there was still a sense of roiling anger there, the man that had sought to put his hands on her, to sully the elf’s kind heart. Her small hand pressed the key to her room into his larger hand, turning the key in the lock with a soft click. At least there, Eloria knew well enough that no one would disturb them through the course of the night, regardless of any sounds they did or did not hear through the walls, taking the time to recover.


His rough, calloused hands moved over her, scraping her skin as much as he tried to be gentle.

“Yes, dear?”

His deep, gravelly voice washed over her like the waves brushing the pebbles of the shoreline, leaving an imprint wherever they went, disturbing the shore. Eloria shivered, shaking her head, working her jaw. Yet the words that she wanted to get out were not as easy to spend as she may have wanted them to be.

“I… I’m…” She licked her lips. “I’m glad to be here with you…”

His expression softened and he entered the room slowly, carrying her still, kicking the door closed at their heels. Angelos’ heart pounded so loudly that it throbbed against the elf in his arms, her dress ripped and door and her leather jerkin not enough to cover her from the cold of the night.

It was a good thing that the night, therefore, was to be spent in his bed.

He lowered her gently to the bed but she clung to his jerkin, the lantern’s flame jumping and flickering, allowing them enough light to see by in the sanctity of the night, the sweetening tryst that was yet to come to pass between them. There was so little space between them, their lips yearning for one another, though she was yet to even have her first proper kiss — she would not count the one that Tane had forced upon her, after he’d already forced her out of her dress at knife-point. Yet would Angelos be the right one to bring her over that edge into another kind of release?

“Here,” he said softly — well, as softly as he could with his deep tenor of a voice. “Dry off here. I’ll…give you some privacy.”

Eloria bit her lip delicately, trying not to make it look as if she was. Was he the right one? Her skin flushed with heat, hair still clinging damply to her neck. Oh, there was so much to unpack there…

Angelos had shielded her with his wings while she’d replaced her dress, though it was torn and bloodied in places, soaked through with dirty water in patches. Even then, he had been a gentlemen, and she could not have been more certain that the moment was for them and them alone, everything coming right as she leaned into him, whispering her thanks, her praise for him, for his strength, for everything he had done for her and saved her from.

“Thank you… Oh, Angelos…”

Her words trailed off, despite the pounding of her heart. Gently, she touched his collarbone, eyes wide, a long cut showing through the torn and ragged edges of his scales.

“Oh, you are injured… Angelos, you must let me check your wounds.”

The dragon rumbled softly and she would have changed that there was a blush in his cheeks. Did dragons even blush?

He allowed it though, sitting there while she slid his shirt back from his shoulders.

“I shouldn’t have put you in danger,” she said quietly, a sigh in the back of her throat. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t think…”

“Eloria, how did you think you could have expected to know they were lying in wait for you?”

Angelos’ heart twisted for her, the elf who did not know her own worth as much as he wanted her to. Eloria shook her head.

“He’s been harassing me at work for some time… You’ve seen him there. Shirt off, Angelos, please, let me check.”

Reluctantly, the dragon allowed her to remove his shirt, which was laced loosely over the chest, though the only marks beneath that were bruises. Eloria’s breath caught, staring, heart pounding.

She thought she should have held back but… Oh, to do that would have been beyond the realm of all the gods, even in the little room of the inn. Angelos’ was not simply handsome, he was beautiful. Every muscle in his chest appeared as if he had been sculpted by an artist’s brush and hand, every last part of him carved with great attention and care to detail. She tried to close her mouth but she was gaping like a fish drawn from the crystalline depths of the lake, sunshine sparkling. But there was no sunshine there, not between them, the lantern light flickering, illuminating all that they needed to see and no more.


The dragon’s brow furrowed, leaning in a little closer.

“What is it? What do you see?”

He was a tougher sort, labouring for his work, but Angelos was sure that he would have felt if there had been something wrong with him, seriously so. Eloria’s hands only rose, trembling, to trace across his pecs, something in her chest juddering at that very moment as if she could not get enough air into her lungs.

He was about to reach for her, to hold her to him, to keep her from whatever it was that was ailing her, but she was in his arms before he could. Boldness swept through the elf and she thrust herself into the space between them, closing it as if there was nothing else left for her, the dragon all that she could see. It may have been rushed and it may have been hasty but, to hell with it — it was hers to take the chance with, if it was the way that things were meant to be.

A first kiss was never meant to be smooth and seamless but Eloria was clumsier still, kissing his snout and then finding his lips but not wanting to risk waiting. She could have gotten up and walked away, her dress soaked and hair sodden, but everything was as it was supposed to be, at least in her eyes, the dragon jolting against her.

His lips were larger than hers and Angelos struggled for a moment, head pounding, yet even a drake like him could only lean into it, his arms around her, supporting her in his lap, her leg too close to the edge of the bed. Even then, he was thinking of her, supporting her, holding her there, ensuring that there was no possible way that any harm could come to her, as much as that had been a distinct possibility that night. Her lips parted, breath tickling his, and it was pure reflex for him to do the same, murmuring softly against her as their tongues brushed and teased for the very first time.


She broke the kiss and his eyes blaze, passion rising, his undergarments barely containing the stirring rod of desire within, though he was not so much of a barbarian that he would allow her to see that. Yet all the elf wanted was the brilliance of that, her hands trailing down his chest, eyes alight in a way that he had never before seen in the bar.

“Eloria,” he groaned thickly, leaning back on his hands. “What are… What are you doing?”

That much should have been obvious as she kissed down the line of his jaw. Oh, how strong he was… She’d admired him from afar but, well, not having that much life experience had not set her up particularly well for romantic life and interests. That was all in the past, however, and all the elf could do was look to the future, nuzzling his neck with a faint smile pulling at her lips. Angelos’ hands went to her arms but she caught his hands in her own hands, rubbing her thumbs over them, though his hands still dwarfed her. She shivered. Why did that feel so good to hold his rough, worked hands?

“Why, I’m giving my saviour the reward he deserves…” She murmured, a giggle behind her lips and a blush darkening her cheeks. “Do you not want it?”

He shook his head, huffing and snorting, a blast of hot air expelling itself from his nostrils, though he did not release a jet of flame: that might have worried Eloria. He could not have said either way, the words stuck in his throat, wings fanning out, water still trickling down them. The dragon cast his eyes back as she leaned in again. The room was still cold.

He couldn’t have that.

“One moment…” He held her back by the shoulders, a smile on his lips, soft enough to let her know that nothing at all was wrong. “Let me light the fire.”

She lay back on the bed on her side, watching him through her eyelashes as the darkly hazy form of the dragon lit and stoked the fire, inciting it into a blaze that would chase the chill from the room and her bones. Maybe that was the first thing that they should have done on entering the room but, well, hindsight was there either way. Angelos had barely turned back around though before the elf was there with him, kissing him again, stretching up to the tips of her toes to reach him as she brought his muzzle gently down to hers.


No one could have said who moaned first as the moment deepened between them, drawing out, sweetness rising, the throb of his shaft demanding more and more attention. It was an ache and a need that Angelos could not ignore, heart warming, soul yearning for the woman who had caught his interest. To have one’s feelings reciprocated was a delight indeed and he drew her in close and tight, hands wandering, feeling out the shape of her shoulders, down to her slim waist, the narrowness of it and how her hips flared out into a womanly curve.

She allowed it all too, sharing kisses as they clumsily disrobed one another, though there was a lightness in it, the giddiness of lovers. Whereas Angelos was bringing her into a new stage of womanhood, something about her too made him feel younger than ever, tipsy on life as if he had down a few flagons of ale. Yet he was the one in charge, the one in control, helping her out of her dress, her jerkin, her stockings reaching her thighs in the demure fashion of ladies.

Ah, the smoothness of her pale skin stood out in such stark contrast to his that Angelos could not help but lay her back on the bed, still clad in only his trousers, admiring her form. To have such a woman with him… Oh, he was a very lucky dragon indeed, nuzzling down the length of her body, taking his time, savouring her. Her hands found his horns and he readily allowed it, letting her cling to him for some sense of stability even as she moaned out his name.

She would be moaning a lot more, however, once his tongue found her pussy, the soft folds of her sex on display for him as the elf shyly parted her legs. Eloria did not know what to do, even though she understood how sex worked and the why of it, though it was a good thing for her that she had Angelos to guide her through. The dragon had been there before and was a well-seasoned lover, even though the difference in their ages wasn’t really going to bother him — not when there was so much pleasure to share with one who made his heart pound.

His tongue slipped into her sex, curling up within her, a gentle taste and a touch that had Eloria bucking and grinding, hardly able to believe what her body was doing. She rocked up to meet him with a low groan in the back of her throat, trembling there, her hips raised from the bed and heels dug into it.

“Oh, oh…”

Angelo did not slide his tongue back out of her just yet, however, savouring her taste as he lapped up within her, seeking out her G-spot, though that was a tricky devil indeed when it came to such pleasures. No matter though as he ran his tongue back up, tracing her folds, experimenting with just what made her toes curl in the right way, brought the best tremors of lust to her body unlike anything else. She whimpered and twisted her head back and forth, need coursing through, the drive of it calling her to wriggle and pump her hips, though she hardly felt as if there was enough strength in her legs to hold herself up even that small amount.

The dragon didn’t need her to be still, however, following her lightly back and forth with the warm, wet slurp of his tongue. It teased around her clit, swirling and pushing the hood back from the nub of flesh ever so lightly, exposing to its tickle and lash, the pulse of its flicker bringing another moan to her lips.

“Easy, my sweet…”

Eloria moaned, turning her head quickly from one side to the other, hips rocking. How could she relax, how could she be easy? She’d never had a male, let alone one between her thighs, his tongue doing such wonderful things to her. Her hands found his horns, tightening and gripping, pulling him to her, for it felt like all she needed. The tension of it pulsed forth and she whimpered lustfully, sounds that she had never, not once in her life, made before breaching the confines of her lips.

Angelo, however, was the perfect lover, his hand spread flat on her hip, holding her in place even with her knees at an angle, legs lewdly spread as her hips were held in place for his attention. His tail swung, the throb of his cock rising further still in the confines of his undergarments, yet it seemed that those would not hold for all that much longer if Eloria kept moaning for him in such a sweet, spine-tingling way.

But her pleasure was important too, what was clearly her first time even though Angelos had not thought to ask. She was sweet, so very much so, her innocence as pure as her pale, untainted skin. He stiffened. It would have been horrendous indeed to see her broken or bruised by that oaf and he made a mental note, even then, to go back for Tane, the bastard that had sought to sully his sweetheart when it had never been her choice to be held there.

“Oh… Ohhh…”

Her toes curled and Angelos grunted, thrusting his fingers gently into her pussy, spreading her open as she teased closer and closer to orgasm. Her head twisted back and forth, clinging to him, rooted in place while her breath caught, breasts rising as her chest juddered in the strangest and most wonderful of ways.

And then she could not hold it back for a single moment longer, a shriek tearing from her lips, a sound of lust and pleasure that she had never made before. She cried out, twisting her head back and forth, clinging to him with all the strength she had in her arms, shoulders aching, pulse after pulse of pleasure washing through her. The ebb and flow of it poured forth in a way that could not be controlled or contained, head swimming in ecstasy, hips rising, pumping against his muzzle and fingers with all her might. Eloria may not have thought that there was much strength left in her body after such a gruelling day, but she surprised even herself there.

Muscles contracted, twitching and tensing beyond her control, yet she didn’t want to be in control as the dragon rode out her orgasm, holding her tight and steady, supporting her hips. Angelos groaned into her sex as he swapped his fingers for his tongue — it was easier that way without the worry of his short claws catching in her sensitive folds — driving it deep, showing her the pleasures of her body and just how lustful the cries of a woman could be in the throes of passion.

His sweetheart had to come down sooner or later from her squealing high, whimpering and moaning, his tongue sweeping up to part her folds, letting the wetness of them close around his tongue as he slurped. He curled it up and around her clit, relishing in just how she shook, too sensitive in the aftermath even though Angelos simply could not resist her. Oh, how much he crave her, wanted her, his hands sweeping down her hips, over her thighs, the thick womanliness of them.


Even then, she had breath to adore him, drawing him in close, her legs wrapping around him and squeezing. Eloria groaned through her loss of breath and shook her head but she didn’t need to get all of the words out for her dragon lover to push over her, covering her with his body even as he spared a moment to lick off his fingers. The dragon wasn’t willing to let a single drop of her essence go to waste.

Angelos grunted softly, working down his trousers, though his lover was not about to allow him to take all that much time to get them off before taking her liberty of him, need powering through. As much as she cried out breathlessly in the aftermath of such delight, she still needed something, bucking up to meet him, her need and desire driving her to whimper out his name, over and over again. It was a like a mantra of sorts, something that she could repeat to hold her in place, though Eloria should have known too that the dragon was there to keep her safe, to protect her even then when she may not have completely understood what her body was doing in the passion of moments she was yet to understand. That, however, would come in time. And time was all that the lovers had as his erection was freed and her hand groped for it.

She had to see, had to feel it out, if only briefly, her need too great to hold off for too long. The length of it was thick, thicker than she had thought she would ever have to take, yet it was the passion of the dragon that would carry her through. Eloria nipped at her lip, though did not draw blood, twisting her head back and forth, although his shaft…no. No, it was not perfectly smooth but had influences that she would have considered reptilian, knobs and rides, however light they were, providing her with an extra challenge.

Eloria met Angelos’ eyes with a determined glint in her eye and he knew what she wanted without her even having to say anything. She held onto his shoulders as if for an anchor in a storm as he kissed her, tongues tangling, though there was no question as to who was dominant, the drake overpowering her completely. But as she submitted to him Eloria gained power of her own, arching up to meet him despite the aches in her body, all that she yearned to push on into with a moan and a breathy exhalation that said so very much.

“Are you ready?”

Ah, he was enough of a gentleman to ask first, cradling her face in his huge, rough hand, smiling softly at her. Yet Eloria had already made her choice as his thick shaft lined up with her sex, the tip prying apart her folds under her consent so very willingly. She breathed her answer and his lips sealed themselves against hers as she groaned into his mouth, slowly but surely penetrating her, stretching her pussy out more and more, all for the very first time.


He held her gently, allowing her to get used to his size, for he was so much larger than her, and the first time was difficult for any lady. At least, that was what he had heard, though her arousal slickened the path of his cock some too, slipping in deeper and deeper, taking his time, for Angelos already knew that he had more than enough time in the world for his sweet, sweet Eloria.

She cried out his name, though she hardly felt as if she was present in reality at all, not before him in such a way, the form and shape of the dragon above her dominating yet sweetly so. She was empowered by him, giving back all that she gained in sweet submission, his tongue brushing her neck, tickling and teasing as she rocked her hips up to meet him again and again. His shaft spread her open so tenderly that there was hardly any strain at all and any that was present was overruled by the throbbing blast of pleasure as he pressed up inside her.

He wanted her, he couldn’t deny it, his cock powering into her in long, slow strokes, covering her body with his even as she ran her hands down and over his shoulders. Eloria grew bolder, feeling out the shape of his waist, how his hips were narrow for a male, the shape of his torso that of an upside-down triangle, muscled and rippling. His deep voice rolled over her as Angelos crooned to her, whimpering softly in turn, though all she could do was hold onto him as he thrust, grinding and teasing, the cord of pleasure tensing within her, drawing tauter and tauter.

Whereas a male had to take time between climaxes, recovering between, a woman like her had no such problem. Another orgasm probed at the back of her mind as he covered her with long, passionate strokes of his cock, going deeper than even his fingers and tongue had as he spread her out for their mutual pleasure. Even the dragon’s head spun with delirious joy as he groaned and twisted his head back and forth, need coursing through, taking his cues from her moans as to how hard he could go, though there was no rush to jump to the next level at any time.

Eloria could not hold it and neither did she want to as yet another wave of passion throbbed through her, orgasm crashing through, though she felt safe where she was with Angelos. That was just why she felt able to howl out her pleasure as she rocked up against him, though her pace was not such that she could match his thrusts, as gentle as he was. He pounded a little deeper, a little harder, testing the waters as her ecstasy mounting, juices slickening the path of his cock even further as everything that she could ever have wanted set the tiniest of hairs rising on her arms.

It was exotic and it was erotic and she was barely aware of Angelos’ tongue sweeping down her neck and kissing the line of her jaw, need pulsating, trembling, everything coming together in the best of ways. It was all as it was meant to be but even a dragon like him could not deny his need. He wanted it, needed it, craved it, her sweet body rocking up against him, so much smaller and yet everything that he could have ever wanted in a lover. Eloria was not an elf that he wanted to spend a fervent night of passion with and forget about in the morning but the woman of his dreams, the one that he less than tentatively would have wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

The drake groaned deep in the back of his throat, twisting his head to the side, a muscle jumping at the corner of his jaw. It was harder than even he could have imagined to hold off then, wanting more, lusting for so very much. He longed for her, the small elf in his arms, yet the heat of her body was something tenacious and devout in equal measures. Her sex seemed tighter than ever around him as she moaned out his name, Angelos’ heart leaping to hear it as her hips even rocked up to meet him. She was so sweet, so very sweet… So sweet, indeed, that it was almost a shame to sully her fair skin with his sweat and seed, though it was the inevitable outcome of such passionate liaisons.

Eloria panted softly, running her fingers over his scales, the bulk of the dragon’s chest dwarfing her body, even in that part of him. Her hips rose to meet him, however inexperienced she was, but she wanted to lean into it, pushing on, the cord of tension drawing so very sweetly tauter and tauter. She wanted him, even while she had him, the pressure inside her growing, his cock driving deep, as deep as it could possibly go.


He whispered her name, holding himself back, yet he could not stop it from coming, as much as he wanted to draw out the moment even more. With his fingers in her hair, lightly stroking, he clenched his jaw solely to hold back a moan, rolling his hips as the ache in his loins grew and grew. It was tenacious in its coming and yet Eloria cried out for it as much as he was, wanting the spill of it inside her.

It had to come.

The dragon buried his muzzle into the crook of her neck, inhaling the scent of her still slightly damp hair as he climaxed. His orgasm was not like that of a human or even an elf as it spilt forth, thick ropes of seed filling her, his shaft unwrapped but neither of them was thinking about that at that time. All they wanted was to come together, whimpering in the heat of the moment, ecstasy trembling forth in such a way that they were tied together in it, bound for the sweetness of their relationship and all that was still yet to come.

Eloria moaned as his seed trickled from her, her pussy not even able to hold every last drop, even though there was plenty more to come, if she had wanted to take the dragon for a second round and ride. The drake pressed deeply up into her as he climaxed, not leaving a single inch of his cock outside her sex, unwilling to let anything go to waste, growling softly and nuzzling at her neck, tickling her throat with the very tip of his tongue.

She shuddered. There were so many sensations to take in, so very many indeed that Eloria did not think that she could experience everything in the tenor of one moment. No, that would take many more sessions before she had everything she needed, groaning softly, letting him spend herself inside her without a single thought more for what would happen. She hadn’t done that in a long time but there was something about his voice as it poured over her, moaning out her name, that made her relax into it.

It was all that they wanted, all that they needed, coming down from their highs softly and slowly, his cum dripping from her cunny in a combination of her juices and his. There was so much more to come between them but the patience of them soothing and softening was important too as Eloria whimpered, letting him stay inside her even as he softened.


But she didn’t need to say anything as the dragon slipped from her, lying on his side and drawing her to him with an air of possessiveness too, his chest to her back. Eloria wriggled, getting comfortable, the sensation of cum trickling from her pussy a new and interesting one as his calloused hands stroked down her arm, around to her stomach, gently feeling out the curve of her breasts higher up, though there would be time for more exploration of one another’s bodies in days and months and years to come.


She breathed his name, drifting, floating, the edge of sleep pulling more and more insistently at her mind. The dragon kissed the back of her neck tenderly, brushing her hair out of the way.

“Yes, my dear?”

She wriggled, not knowing just how she was grinding her buttocks back at him in that moment, the dragon shivering. Luckily, he was still too sensitive for his cock to plump up all the way, although she did send a pleasurable tingle through his loins as he nipped at the inside of his cheek.

“I… I…”

Yet what she had to say would have to wait for another day as she slipped away into sleep, breathing slowly and evenly, the dragon’s eyelids growing heavier by the moment too. He’d have time, he knew he would. For he was not going anywhere when he had an elf-woman like her curled up in his arms.

Only time would tell, however, just how their relationship would develop.

In sleep, Angelos churred and groaned softly.

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